Transition Festival 2020

Transition Festival 2020 5 May '20, 22:00
Party flyer: Transition Festival 2020 5 May '20, 22:00
Transition Festival is a powerfull shamanic experience in a magical location under the full moon after the Spring Ecquinox. It is an initiation into the dance trance and a new door into another dimension with a constructive intuitive intention: to expand human consciousness and the relation between the soul, the body, and its center of power. Transition comes from latin <transitio> ("tránsito"): change of position, estate, or concept to another.

7 days and 7 nights
Parking & Camping
2 Floors
Organic Showers
Flea Market
Workshop Area
Ecologic Toilets
Chai Shops
Vegan Food
"Steinofen" Pizza
Resting Areas
Natural Park Doñana, Almonte (Spain)
Entry fee
Entry fee
Early Bird Tickets: 65 €
(available from 21.06.19)
Transition Crew
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