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TRANSITION Festival 2015

Festival / 3
Over: 6y 4m
Party Flyer TRANSITION Festival 2015 30 Apr '15, 08:00
Party Flyer TRANSITION Festival 2015 30 Apr '15, 08:00
Line Up

Alchemix (GRE)
Alexsoph (GER)
Anam Fio (GER)
Anoebis (BE)
Basslion (ESP)
Biofa (BRA)
Boom Shankar (GER)
Braincell (CH)
Chik´m (ESP)
Clean Trip (ESP)
Corthes (ESP)
Daksinamurti (GER)
Diplodocus (ESP)
Djane Gaby (SLO)
Djane Jana (GER)
Earthling (ESP)
Elegy (ITA)
Fluoelf (ESP)
Fohat (GER)
Hell Blau (ESP)
Hypathia (ESP)
Imox Maya (GUA)
Keemiyo (ESP)
Koma Kommune (GER)
Lord Flames (ESP)
Manionic (BRA)
Matibhrama (FRA)
Maximus (GER)
Monika Psyka (ESP)
Moontrip (ESP)
Mush Effect (ESP)
Obit (ESP)
Patara (GER)
Psytotix (ESP)
Raja Rana (UK)
Ramoon (ESP)
Shriniva (NH)
Simulation Hypothesis (ESP)
Solar Spectrum (GER)
The Dark Face (ESP)
Vinyltreiber (GER)


Anam Kara (GER)
Anoebis (BE)
Blau (ESP)
Blazhorst (ESP)
Chik´m (ESP)
Digitalex (GER)
Dj Man (ESP)
Eusebio Lopez (ESP)
Fohat (GER)
From (ESP)
Jana (ESP)
Juanmy.R (ESP)
Keemiyo (ESP)
Lord Flames (ESP)
Manionic (BRA)
Minimus (GER)
MrSmile (ESP)
Ness (ITA)
Nomele Banton (ESP)
Oso (ESP)
Patara (GER)
Pavane (BE)
Pieter Pan (BE)
Principles of Opium (ESP)
Raja Rana (UK)
Ramoon (ESP)
Rastito Select (ESP)
Robin Roots (GER)
Rodminus (MA)
Shriniva (NH)
Sine Surfer (GER)
Sus (ESP)
Tinoko Deepen (ESP)
Tortugas Mindspace (GER)
Toxic Boy (ESP)
Tribe of Frogz (UK)
Welcome to Transition Festival. Explore the boundaries of your consciousness being part of an experience beyond body and mind. Connect with the Sun, the Moon, and the Spirits of Nature, elevating your soul through 5 days of magic, nature, and dance. Make your transition to the essence of trance, becoming one with the Cosmic Spirit.

This celebration has its origins in a total full moon eclipse in 2007, reconnecting outer space forces with humans and machines. Transition Festival offers you the overwhelming cosmic sound you are looking for. Tune in with this magical gateway to the 4th dimension and let´s transition to the next level of vibration.

Preparty: Wednesday 29th April, 11:11 pm
Opening Party: Thursday 30th April, 11:11 pm
Afterparty: Monday 4th May, 11:11 am

Main Floor
Alternative Floor
Andalusian Food
Organic Showers
Ecologic Toilets
Market Area
Children Area
and much more...


Ayuntamiento de Almonte
BMSS Records&Productions
Connection Festival
Psycotrance Magazine
Junta de Andalucía
Red Dust Crew
Unicorn Family
Located near the town of Almonte and surrounded by the stunning beauty of the National Park of Doñana and the Atlantic Coast, Transition Festival is more ready than ever. The location is magic by itself, and the new dates given will asure sunlight and warm temperatures. Make your Transition to the next level!

[donana-nature.com] for more information about the National Park of Doñana
[andalucia.org] for more information about the Atlantic Coast
Sound Styles
Promo Ticket: 30 € (FINISHED)
Early Bird Ticket: 40 € (until 27.12.2014) (FINISHED)
Phase I: 50 € (until 12.02.2015) (FINISHED)
Phase 2: 60 € (until 13.04.2015)
At the Gate: 80 €
Sunday Ticket: 60 € (from 3.05.2015, 12:12 pm)

Tickets available via [transitionfestival.org]

BUY YOUR TICKETS HERE [transitionfestival.org]
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