Transahara 2011 - Nowhere is Here · 22 Apr 2011 · Sahara Desert - Morocco (Morocco)


Transahara 2011 - Nowhere is Here

· Over: 11y 7m
Line Up

ABSOLUM - 3D Vision Records - France
AJJA - Peak Records - Swizerland
ARGONAUTES - – Switzerland
CHRISTOF – iBZ Recordings – Ibiza
EARTHLING – Neurobiotic Rec – Spain
FLIPFLOP - Alchemy Records – UK
HEMY-SYNC – Nano Records - UK
JOHNSON (Fusi & Johnson, Johnson & Haske) - Plusquam Rec - Germany
JOHN MONKMAN - UltraDelux Records – UK
MAELSTROM - Iboga Records – Denmark
MONOXCIDE- Microbiotic Rec, Krinimal - Ibiza
PSYBERPUNK - Shaman Electro Rec – Free Alps
SENSIENT - Zenon Records - Australia
SPECIES - Ultragroove Records – Serbia
TOUCH TONE - Alchemy Records – UK
ADM – Nomadstribe – Morocco
ADRENADDICT – Nomadstribe, Bionic Instinct Records – Morocco
AJJA LEU - Peak Records - Swizerland
AKI - Ultragroove Records – Serbia
AMAZON – Peak Records – Switzerland
AMINE K – Morocco
ANAKK – Etc , Nomadstribe - France/Morocco
BILLY CASAZZA- Opulent Temple, Burning Man – USA
CELLI – Spun Records – Ibiza
CHUCKY – Attitude Recording – Portugal
CRISPY DJ – Alchemy Records – UK
DALE - Nano Rec - South Africa
DEEPR – Nomadstribe – Morocco
DIALI – Nomadstribe – Morocco
DIEGO COELHO – Microbiotic Records – Brazil
DIGOA – Alchemy Rec – Brazil
DOVLA - Flow, Interchill – Croatia
DRISS – Hadra Records – France
EDOARDO – Neurobiotic Rec – Italy
EDOARDO MAVARSO – Microbiotic Records– UK
EMOK- Iboga Records – Denmark
FLORIAN MSK - Subvision Records, 64HZ - Canada
GARO - Etnicanet Rec - Italy
GORNI - Nomadstribe - Morocco
HORAM – Nomadstribe – Morocco
I-MIKE - Greece
JAZZMINE - blue hour sounds - Italy
KALI-G - Nomadstribe - Spain
LIQUID ROSS - Liquid Rec – UK
MAPUSA MAPUSA - Blue Tune Rec - Germany
MAT THC - Tech Safari, Eclipse Festival – Canada
OTEZUKA - StereOrganic – France
OTKUN – Atomes, Nomadstribe - Morocco
PHOBOS - Looney Moon Records - Italy
PSYBERPUNK - Shaman Electro Rec – Free Alps
PSYMO – Morocco
SALLY DOOLALLY – Plastik Park Records – Germany
STEVE O – Gaian Mind - USA
SENSIENT - Zenon Records - Australia
TENZIN- Attitude Recording, Tech Safari, Eclipse Festival – Canada
TINKERBELL – Nomadstribe – Morocco
U-ONE - BEEF, Chameleon - Australia
YANN – Ultragroove Records, Tech Safari, Eclipse Festival - Canada
YOUNG KIM (aka Arkanoydz) - Etnicanet Rec - Korea
Chill out and Alternative Stage Line Up Online at [] in December 2010
Info about Deco and Visuals online at our website in January 2011
Transahara 2011 - Sahara Desert - Morocco

Welcome to the 6th Edition of the Transahara desert festival & gathering. If you've been to a previous edition of our event you know our concept, if you're new to dancing in the desert, read on...

Cultural Concept

You can enjoy Transhara 2011 in two different ways. You can buy yourself a flight to Morocco, festival ticket in your hand, and dance your way thru 4 nights of great electronic music in a spectacular surrounding, 100% nature yet with all the commodities needed to offer you a great comfortable time . You will be at the heart of the Moroccan desert in a once of a lifetime experience but that will be just it, a great festival. Or ...You can choose differently.

You can choose to look at this experience as something more.

Our artistic and cultural concept is an ambitious one. Our long-run goal is to set the scenarios for a very unique and enriching experience thru visuals and cultural connections.

In TRANSHARA 2011 ,the past can meet the future in one place because NOWHERE IS HERE.

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Contact Us

Official Facebook Event Page:

The ticket to the festival entrance includes one place in the encampment tents , with local traditional tents. ( Nomad tents regrouped in a bivouac.)
We will divide the camping area in different numbered encampments and tents. Each one will have all the necessary facilities in the whereabouts like restaurants, showers, toilets, open air spaces with chill out music... 
This year, the festival will be held in a new secret location camp, in about 1 hour driving distance from MERZOUGA village.  The Festival camp is only  reachable with a 4x4 vehicle.  

You have two ways to get to the camp and Festival site, by 4x4  from Casablanca or Marrakech or  by 4x4 from our Meeting Point in Erfoud. 

Since you will necessarily need a 4X4 to get to the camping site, you can follow our entourages to the festival location at the scheduled times  if you bring your own  4x4 or rent one. If you don´t own one, you can book a place at the TRANSAHARA 4x4 vehicles.  Please understand that normal vehicles will not be allowed to follow our entourages. 

We ask you to please be responsible, respect the environment and keep the festival area clean and pleasant to everyone. Also please do your best to keep the human impact as low as possible, respecting the natural landscape of the desert. 
Entry fee
Entry fee
Ticket Info Available Soon at []
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