TOTEM SECRET EVENT · 1 Jun 2018 · Capoliveri (Italy)


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Gift Economy
Transformational event
Number zero: from the sunset of the first day to the sunrise of the third one, we will be 200 people building our utopia on the (N)everland island. Outside the usual rules, we will weave arts and knowledge into a collective transformational ritual.
We will shape an autonomous place and time to experiment a new kind of coexistence. There will be no authors, actors, spectators. Only protagonists.
We will focus on the individual and the freedom to discover, experiment and share our own resources, in the belief that we can offer ourselves as a unique and invaluable gift by cooperating and collaborating with others.
Precisely for this reason, money won’t be allowed. There won’t be any transactions, brands, or sponsorships. By refusing the law of the market, we will experiment an alternative economy based on gift and exchange that respects the rights of others and the surrounding nature.

The Totem will be the metaphor for the party and it will rise as a propitiatory hymn to transformation. Everyone will bring a symbolic object – new or old, big or small, important or cheap, it doesn’t matter – and we will give it to an artist or a group of artists. Like shamans they will change its shape and colour, and transform it through its assembly with the other 199. As on an initiation, on the first night the Totem will rise at the centre of the place.
We all will be there, mixed, united, transformed and in transformation in the Totem.
The powerful and ephemeral Totem will disappear without a trace at the end of the party. We will bring it with us, each participant will receive one piece: it won’t be the original, delivered object, but a new one, born in the creative transformation, in the union with the others, as a legacy of the actual experience.

For three days we will develop a unique and experimental community, united in the freedom of expression and the desire of collaboration by the catalyst alchemy of participation and the generative magic of – any form of – arts.
Secret Event in Elba Island
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Entry fee
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