Meeting Point

3d 6h #6

YO, i guess the start of the S:U:N: fest is great :)
in some hours my rocket will shoot me into the S:U:N:
even if there are not so many darkpsy + hightech maniacs around, i´ll bring the rest of my latest wonderful compilation:
DoubleTrouble MMXVIII released on BlackOut Rec.
incl. some compi-posters created by Rusyt PsyFlyArt.
just check me on the field :) if a shop will sell it, i let you know here asap :) 🎶 CD 10€ - Poster A2 2€ - Poster A3 1€

9d 21h #4

Hello all enjoyers of nice sounds,
sadly, shortly I can't go to the festival, so sad... but still have a cheap earlybird ticket and it is possible, to change official the holder name till the 17th July.
Who still want to enjoy this amazing gathering and doesn't have a ticket yet, please contact me!

6m 5d #2 viviane

Aaah, dog friendly... Well, yes, then... Thx, that means dog-not-liker-unfriendly... ;o)

Enjoy your festival.........

6m 8d #1 Miffi's vision

Hello :) it's my First Time sun festival and I'm really excited! Is there an option to come for camping one day befor festival start? And how is the best way to get there?
20d 21h
Hello, as I know the camping area is open from 16.07. to 24.07. May someone correct me, if I'm wrong.