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Festival / 38
Summer's (never) end Festival III "Out in space" 31 Jul '08, 18:00
Party flyer: Summer's (never) end Festival III "Out in space" 31 Jul '08, 18:00
Line Up
DNA (Phonokol rec.) IL
Dual Core (H2O rec). IL
Injection (Phonokol rec.) IL
Symphonix (blue Tunes rec.) DE
Dark Nebula (Digital Psionics) AU
Bon (Digital Psionics, Pixan Rec.) Japan
Arsenic (Manic Dragon Rec.) Japan
Freakulizer (Alchemy rec.) CH
Atma (Geomagentic.TV/ Kamino prod.) RO
Supercell Project (Fractal rec./Room31) CH
Vibracustic (Traintown Psy Syndicate) CH
Beatlejuice (Woodroom Records) CH
Crazy Goblin (Traintown Psy Syndicate) CH
Rasael & Hervè (Frakasound rec) CH
Liquidfreak & Bug (Klangwerk) CH/FL
Montagu & Golkonda (blue Tunes rec.) DE
ResQ (Klangarena/Frakasound) DE
Luna Orbit(Digital Psionics) AU
Müstik (SST/Index) CH
Nygma (Frakasound rec.) CH
Pinky & Brain (Vibrative Sounds) CH
Terranostra (Klangwerk) CH
Horus & Getorix (Freunde der Tanzmusik) A
Pinch (frakasound rec.) CH
Urban Tribe (DMT) CH
Nightwalk (Vibrative Sounds) CH
Skybass CH
Cämix (Vibrative Sounds) CH
Casiopaya (dmt) CH
C-mohn (Index) CH
Dr. Magnus (Verteilt) CH
Garfild & Sokrates (logi Rec.) CH
Heinz (aphonix) CH
Painter (Wundertutte) CH
Miguz (Index) CH
Pixar (Freunde der Tanzmusik) A
Father Oblivion (Samsara) CH
Sindri (Vibrative Sounds) CH
Psysmael (Freaktime prod./BMSS) CH
Alexsoph (BMSS) DE
Aechi CH
Tsunamix (mythos) CH
Strizzipatzi (Klangwerk) FL
QC vs. Paolo(BurnHead) CH
Dynalor vs. Shivan(BurnHead) CH
Lynkish & Morix (Klangwerk) CH
2dirty (Vibrative sounds) CH
Sevis (Vibrative Sounds) CH
Itchy & Scratchy (bergzwerge) CH
Chill: Live
Oood (Organic rec.) UK
Spectral Paradisis (Frakasound Rec.) CH
Mercury Fall (Frakasound Rec.) CH
Finstertroll (OSMOSE REC) CH
Big Fish Little Fish (Free Freak) CH

Chill DJ:
Savant (Swiss)
Imox (Free Freak rec.) CH
Outland CH
Solaris (Fractal Rec.) CH
Catweazel CH
Zeeno & Deva (Indra) CH
Cybird (Free Freak Rec.) CH
Mizoo (Feel Free) CH
Claudinsky (Freunde der Tanzmusik ) A
Corine (Klangwerk) CH
Supermoria CH
Visuals by Hobbit (Freunde der Tanzmusik ) A
Willst du glücklich sein im Leben, trage bei zu anderem Glück,
denn die Freude, die wir geben, kehrt ins eigene Herz zurück.

Vielen lieben Dank der Canzleia Communabla Marmorera/Sur/Mulengs

Own food & drinks allowed
Drinking wather for free
Breakfast for free
Circus Tent
Camping area open: Thursday 31.7 until Monday evening 4. august 08
Chai & Psy Café by Klangwerk
Powerfull Sound System 40 KW ([])
4 Laser

Impressionen vom vergangenen Jahr / Last year:




Rona/Mulengs Graubünden (same, same but different)

By Car
A3 / A13 till Chur, E43 direction San Bernardino / Ticino
A2 /E9 exit Bellinzona, E43 direction San Bernardino Chur
EXIT: Thusis/Sils, direction St. Moritz. In Tiefencastel direction Julier.

Watch out for Signs ins Rona/Mulengs Graubünden

By Train
Intercity Zürich / Chur (Last train from Zürich HB started 19:37)
In Chur take regio-train to Tiefencastel
In Tiefencastel take post bus to rona posta or Shuttlebus

Watch out for Signs ins Rona/Mulengs Graubünden

MIt dem Psyrock Party Bus
Entry fee
Entry fee
presale tickets 3 nights / Vorverkauf Eintritte 3 Nächte für nur

55 CHF


Abendkasse / Tickets at party
Donnerstag - Samstag 65 CHF + 5 CHF Müllpfand
Ab Samstag 22:00 Uhr 55 CHF ohne Müllpfand
Klangwerk & Vibrative Sounds
· 34,248
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