SUMMER NEVER ENDS FESTIVAL 2017 19 Jul '17, 14:00
Party flyer: SUMMER NEVER ENDS FESTIVAL 2017 19 Jul '17, 14:00


Estas Tonne Music


Eat Static Full Live GBR
1200 Micrograms by Raja Ram & Chicago (TIP Rec) GBR
Ajja (Peak/Woo! Rec) SUI
Ace Ventura (Iboga Rec) ISR
Tristan (Nano Rec) GBR
Dickster (Nano Rec/TIP/Flying Rhino Rec) GBR
Captain Hook (Iboga Rec) ISR
Cosmosis (Holophonic Rec) GBR
Atmos (Iboga Rec) SWE
Burn In Noise (NANO Rec) BRA
Infinitti Gritti (Woo! Rec) SUI/GBR/BRA (Ajja, Dickster, Burn In Noise)
HypoGeo (Zenon Rec) ITA
Braincell (Blue Hour Sounds) GER/SUI
Atma (Flying Spores Rec) ROM
Atriohm (Parvati Rec) MKD
Egorythmia (IONO Music) MKD
Fungus Funk (Sangoma Rec) RUS
Laughing Buddha (Nano Rec) GBR
Parasense (Bom Shanka Music) RUS
Quantica (Flying Spores Rec) ESP/ARG
Abraxas (Flying Spores Rec) ESP/GBR
Phase (Looney Moon Rec) ITA
Talpa (TesseracTstudio) SRB
Aardvarkk (Bom Shanka Music) GBR/IND
Liquid Soul (Iboga Rec) SUI
Gaspard (Peak Rec) SUI
Easy Riders (Iboga Rec) ISR
Module Virus (Sangoma Rec) POR/GBR
Human Element (Iboga Rec) SUI
Flexus (IONO Music) DAN
Symbolic (Iboga Rec) ISR
Gaudium (Iboga Rec) SWE
Southwild (Wildthings Rec) GER/CAN
Rocky (Iboga Rec) ISR
Contineum (Mutagen/Expo Rec) GBR
Ninesense (Blacklite Rec) POR
Paratech (Blacklite Rec) GRE
PsiloCybian (Sangoma/Hyperflow Rec) CRO
Taliesin (FLOW EV Rec) AUT
Sideform (Iboga Rec) SRB
Champa (Y.S.E. Rec) GBR
Colorshape (Flying Spores Rec) SUI/USA
Cosinus (Sangoma Rec) SUI/GER
E-Clip (IONO Music) SRB
Electrypnose (Peak/Zenon Rec) SUI
E-Mov (Dacru Rec) GRE
Aioaska (FLOW EV Rec) AUT
Frechbax (Electric Power Pole Rec) GER
Ismir (Savva Rec) GER
Tschernobyllies (Psycana) SUI
Stoertebeker (Techgnosis) SUI
Suntree (IONO Music) ISR
Atacama (Digital Om Prod) GER
GMO (Blue Tunes Rec) GER
Hanzo & Helber Gunn (Zero 1 Music/24/7 Rec) MEX
Johnny Reverb (Aphonix Rec) SUI
Jumpstreet (Looney Moon Rec) SUI
Lachfalter (Sternenkreis) SUI
Tazmanics (Interaural Rec) SUI
Orgongroove (Amplidudes Rec) SUI


Lucas (TIP Rec) GBR
Giuseppe (Parvati Rec) ITA/IND
Gaby (Source Creation/Digital Nature) SLO
Miss Butterfly (FLOW EV Rec) AUT
Tori Baba (State Of Bliss) ISR
Daksinamurti (Sangoma/Peak Rec) GER
Phobos & Fog (Looney Moon Rec) ITA
Kokmok (Hadra) FRA
Caban (Flow EV Rec) AUT
Cosmix (Global Underground) GER
Antaro (Spirit Zone) GER/CAM
Walking Tree (Pan-O-Rama) GER/ESP
Sounds Familiar (Syncronize Rec) GER
Terranostra (Flying Spores Rec/Klangwerk/SNEF) SUI
Jasmin & Creator (Interzone/TesseracTstudio) SUI
Andrej (Flying Spores Rec/SNEF/Koko) SUI
INFX (Aphonix Rec) SUI
Sebastian Kos (Antu Rec/7sd) SUI
Antares (Cosmic Gipsies) SUI
Audiofisters (TesseracTstudio/One Love) SUI/GER
Tribal Effect (Creative Community/Flying Spores Rec/SNEF) SUI
Face Design (Prog on Syndicate) SUI
Frontal (Magic Dragon, SNEF) SUI
QMA (Radio Bäng Bäng) SUI
Bi-Molecular (Aphonix Rec) SUI
Profiler (IONO Music) SUI
Marcosis (Offline Groove/Stairs) SUI
Feinmechanik & A.K.T.A. (Sinsonic Rec/Synestesia) SUI/GER
Psycharox & Harysive (Human Revolution) SUI
ACAB & Jigsaw (Lost in Reality/Terror Twins) SUI
DJ Budda (Zenobia/Mondschein Family) SUI
Teknee & Mitura (Transmission) SUI
Digital Reflection (Unalome/Reisefieber Rec) SUI
Quinto Elemento (Prog on Syndicate) SUI
PASA (Xerks Music) SUI
Olive Zitoun SUI
Omline (Astralium) SUI


Banco de Gaia - Official (Disco Gecko Rec) GBR
Vlastur (Independent) GRE
ELEA (Altar Rec/Space Tepee Music) FRA
Sundial Aeon (Impact Studio/Flow Rec) FRA/POL/RUS
TengRi (Parvati Rec) MKD
Sygnals (Sonic Loom) GRE
Akshan (Altar Rec) FRA
E-Mantra (Suntrip/Altar Rec) ROM
Chronos (Altar/Mystic Sound Rec) RUS
Dubsahara (Independent) AUT
Jovishnu aka Mr. Pink (Live Didgeridoo & Mouth Harp) USA
Momentum (Sonic Loom) GRE
Odiolab (Mahamaya) GRE
Quantica Live Act (Flying Spores Rec) ESP/ARG
StereOMantra (OM Mantra Rec) HUN
SeaMoon (Altar/Awakening Rec) GER
Daoine Sidhe / Dendrobates (Sonic Loom) GRE
Sitarsonic (Sitarsonic Rec) IND/GRE/FRA
Bigeneric (Inzec/Everest Rec) SUI
Chillomanie (Independent) SUI
PJ Wassermann (Hyper Music) SUI

Hideyo Blackmoon (Space Tepee Music/Ibizarre Rec/SFS Ibiza) JAP/SPA
Djane Gaby (Source Creation/Cosmicleaf Rec) CRO
Miss Butterfly aka Djane Nicoletta (FLOW EV Rec) AUT
Dj Tantravision (Independent) SUI
Raja Rana (Frogz/WOW Deco) SPA/GBR
Almacalma (Moonloop Rec) SUI
Marco Repetto (Inzec/Everest Rec) SUI
Enjoy the alpine scene in the biggest nature park of switzerland, 5 days of peace, love and freedom,
dancing through the beautifully decorated 2 Psytrance-Progressive stages and a chillout tent
be stunned by mappings, lasershow, art gallery, installations, performances, workshops, kids tent, cinema, lectures, community kitchen

DECO: the area is being transformed by: EDSA, WoW Deco, Iv3D, Circus Lumineszenz, Orbis Oculi, different sne crews...
MAPPING&LIGHT: 00Fractal, 1000errors, Impact Vision, Hakan Hisim, Höngger Clan and others
LIVE ARTISTS AND GALLERY BY COLLIDER ART: MIles Toland, Aumega, Corn79, CarlWard, Eike Braselman, Brojanowsky, Hakan Hisim, Jeff Dzign, Ihti Anderson, Luke Brown, Luminokaya, Neil Gibson, Nomadi Cortex, Robert Steven Connett, Subliquida, Stuart Griggs, TAS, Vajra, Mark Lee, and more
WORKSHOPS: yoga, alphorn, astronomy, aerial silk, pole dance, collect your herbal tea, hula hoop, kambo, shiatsu, kids program, ayurvedic cooking, maori poi, therapists and much more
english below...

Hallo Butterfly-Family

Wieder einmal sind die Raupen dabei, sich in zu verpuppen, damit sich im Sommer eine wunderschöne Hochebene in den Schweizer Bergen mit Schmetterlingen jeder Farbe füllt, welche ein Fest der Freude und Liebe, der Toleranz und Freiheit feiern.

Angesicht in Angesicht mit der imposanten Bergflanke Tinzenhorn, welche einige unserer Besucher auch Godzilla Mountain nennen, werden wir deren Schwingung auf uns wirken lassen und uns gleichzeitig verausgaben und aufladen, während wir zu den meist psychedelischen und progressiven Klängen stampfen, wackeln, vor Freude schreien und uns von feinem Chillout und Konzerten verwöhnen lassen.

Auch optisch wird das Tal eine Augenweide, namhafte Dekoteams kreieren eine Welt, welche euch das Gefühl gibt auf einem anderen Stern zu fliegen, ergänzt durch die grossartige Kunstausstellung von Collider Art.

Des Weiteren gibt es ein sehr abwechslungsreiches Workshop-Programm, wo Interessantes, Lehrreiches und Sportliches vermittelt wird. Ausserdem ein reichhaltiges Angebot an Ständen und Essen, welche uns einmal um die Welt reisen lassen.

Wie immer ist es unser höchster Anspruch, die letzte Ausgabe des Festivals zu hinterfragen und zu analysieren, um euch ein möglichst perfektes Erlebnis schenken zu können.

Für das ganze Programm und alle Infos besuche bitte unsere Homepage

Wir freuen uns auch Dich!

Deine Summer Never Ends - Crew


Dearest Butterfly family

Once again, the caterpillars are transforming into cocoons, so that in summer a beautiful plateau in the Swiss Alps may be filled with butterflies of any colour, which are celebrating joy and love, tolerance and freedom

Face to face with the impressive mountain range of the Tinzenhorn, which some of our guests also call the “Godzilla mountain”, we will let their vibration interact with us, charge and exhaust ourselves at the same time while stamping, swinging and shouting with joy to the mostly psychedelic and progressive sounds, and spoil our senses with the finest chillout music and concerts.

The Valley will also transform visually into a feast for your eyes, different well-known decoteams are creating a world which will give you the feeling of flying on another star, complemented by the awesome art gallery by Collider Art.

Not to forgot the very diversified workshop program teaching interesting, informative and sportive contents. Furthermore, a rich selection of stands and food shops which let us travel once around the world.

As always it is our highest demand to question and analyse the past edition, to present you with a perfect experience.

For full program and detailed info please visit our homepage.

We're looking forward to you

Your Summer Never Ends - Crew
Entry fee
Kids accompanied by parents: below 12 free, below 16 half price
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