Solar Seeds Gathering 2020 & Goa Gil - 24h and more ... · 1 Aug 2020 · Transylvania (Romania)


Solar Seeds Gathering 2020 & Goa Gil - 24h and more ...

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Line Up
1st of August

GOA GIL - 24 H - Trance Dance Initiation -

3rd of August


4th-5th August

NAGA (Japan)
YANMAH (Japan)
PYON (Japan)
MI-BOU (Japan)
TΔzigen(Japan )
HAPPY (Japan )
KAZUMA (Japan )
KAZYA (Japan )
KAKASHI (Japan / Georgia )
Canna Bitch(Japan)
Derek (Taiwan)

6-9 August

- [] - Live

Lyktum (SERBIA)
- [] -Live

E-Mantra (RO)
- [] -Live

Ancient Core (RO)
- [] - Live & Dj set

KaleiDrone (RO)
- [] - Live & Dj set

Botond (HU)
- []

Varazslo (HU)
- []

Psyla (Czech Republic)
- []

Toge (HU)
- []

Djane Nanonymus (HU)
- []

Trans-Humantza (RO)
- []

Thal (RO)
- []

Overder (RO)
- []

Darkology (RO)
- []

Azthura (RO)
- []

Apollo (RO)
- []

Mudassasi (HU)
- []

Nekros (HU)
- []

AlphaKey (HU)
- []

Natty Ned (RO)
- []

Option Zero (RO)
- []

PsyLev (RO)
- []

Alkalin (RO)
- []

Zomok (RO)
- []

Djane Schuska (RO)
- []

Djane TuRiYa (RO)
- []

Saynar (RO)
- []

Sasha Kuschs (UKRAINE)
- []

Brainiac / Brainy (DE)
- []

More big surprises coming soon ;)
Solar Field Stage Deco by Solips

Dance floor Deco by Isychedelic

String Art Deco by AlternativA

Seeds Garden Stage & TeaHouse Deco Dharmatronic & Attila Lovasz

Land Art by Solar Seeds Transylvania

More updates soon ;)
„We are all seeds hatching under the sun and together we have the power to become a wondrous magical forest.”

...and the journey of these seeds has been taking us down the rabbit hole, through the magical forest, it’s valleys and peaks - it’s dark and dirty tracks as well as its bubbly pink waves of bliss and is calling us all to unite again on the sacred mountain where together we open up our real eyes to the true essence of life and use this pure potential to activate the seeds planted in our hearts to support the planetary ascension to a higher dimension of collective presence…

...guided by the power of unconditional love towards our planet and tribes, where we are all serving each other's growth in our own unique ways - we are learning to co-create by respecting the speed of growth of each seed in this magical garden, giving it the space it needs to give its contribution to the whole, while the already hatched seeds learn to root and stay balanced in the midst of surrender, allowing the divine magic of metamorphosis teach them how to feed the rest of the garden by staying strong, clear and focussed on all levels of existence.

...a garden is a flawless community of unconditional service - no thing thrives without the support of the other - seeds are being born and die...only to be reborn again and again and again, each time becoming a better version of OneSelf - which brings us to announce the 7th edition of Solar Seeds Transylvania Gathering...bringing a massive SeedFusion coming from this years’ deeply transformative therapy we all received from Goa Gil on the sacred mountain!

In 2020 we are inviting you back into the heart of Transylvania for a journey together with yourSelf, all the other S(elves); the mountain, the forest and the musical medicine unleashing your highest potential starting with

GOA GIL - TRANCE DANCE INITIATION 24 Hours or More … on the 1st of August, opening our minds, hearts and bodies


FULL MOON MONDO with a 25 Hours set on the 3rd of August

together with an amazing line-up of artists soon to be revealed, filling up the 3 stages of the 7th edition of Solar Seeds Transylvania Gathering in the name of love, eternal groove and unified field of life - bringing you an abundance of sound-frequencies from psy all the way to the technowaves of the same ocean!

The amazing quality of the sound will be granted by Kannon Sound - Japan

Gates open on Friday, 31st of July 2020 and we groove together until Sunday, 9th of August 2020! We are opening the camping space for you already on Wednesday, July 29th to get yourSelf in tune with the place.

Plant a Tree with your ticket!!!

We are planting a tree for each ticket sold until Monday, 20th of April, 2020 ~ of these seeds we wish to fund the ground roots of yet another space to be transformed into a young fruit forest, stepping closer to a sustainable balance with nature! Together we plant the seeds of life and nurture it with our vibrations and unconditional love! As the sacred tree of life strengthens so does the bond that ties us together as ONE, giving us the power to accomplish the unimaginable.
Mures County, Transylvania, Romania
The exact location will be revealed at the right time ;)
Pictures about the location in the Photos section ;)
Ambient · Chill · Darkpsy · Forest · Fullon · Goatrance · Hi-tech · Psytrance · Techno
Tickets pre sale start on the 1st of January 2020
1st presale: 1st January - 31st January - 33 neuro
2nd presale: 1st February - 31st April - 66 neuro
3rd presale: 1st May - 30th July - 99 neuro
At the gates: 133 neuro

Ticket links:
Solar Seeds Transylvania
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