Skogtroll Festival 2017

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*** Comin'Up! ***
It is with great Honor we are able to Welcome you all to participate in writing Chapter V of our Wet&Wild Fairytale of Skogtroll! ♥

A new MagicSpot has been located, theTrolls has lead the way into their Wild once again and revealed to us one of their hidden dancefloors. And oh, what a place....

This is a place where one can easily imagine the presence of creatures from long forgotten Fairytales. This is the Home of the Fairies, the Elves and the Forest Trolls. Shy creatures of Ancient Times hiding amongst the skinny stems of withered wood or resting softly in the moss.
You breathe it in and get caught in it. Your Spirit connects to the Wild, absorbs you, wakes you up to your Self.
Here, you are truly free!
Here, we will soon gather again, to dance and celebrate Life, Love, Unity and Freedom, surrounded by the vast beauty of true and powerfull Wilderness.

Skogtroll is not only a psytrance event, but also a real wildlife experience. This is a party you will never forget!

You will be required to walk on foot for about 40 mins through rugged terrain to get there.
You need warm clothes, a good tent and warm sleeping bag, and last but not least... you need good footwear that will keep your dance paws warm and dry trough 4 days of stomping the Swamp :)

There will be spaces under roof in case of rain, and there will be fires, of course!
There will also be a forest kitchen serving warm vegan meals for a friendly price.
The closest grocery shop is in Hommelvik.
There is no shop nearby once you get to the location, so make sure you bring what you need before arrival..

As true creatures of the Wild, we have an obligation to take good care of our natural habitat.
Make sure you leave no trace but from the tracks of your feet.
Take all that you bring into the Wild back out with you when you leave!

*** ***
Skogtroll encourages a true and healthy lifestyle and does not support the use of addictive substances!
Please respect norwegian drug laws.
Make good choises, stay safe and enjoy the music and nature!
*** ***

Please send an email to and tell us a little about yourself and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

If you want to have a shop, a workshop, a speach, if you have an idea or just want to share a thought, we want to hear from you :)
Do not hesitate to send an email to

**** *** ** * ** *** ****

It is time for the Love Story of Skogtroll to go on.
Get ready to Go WilD!
The countdown has begun!!!
Magical location deep in Norwegian Woods

* The closest airport is Trondheim airport Vaernes (TRD). From there, take a train to Hommelvik Station. The train costs around 4€ and takes about 10 min.

* The closest train/bus station is Hommelvik Station.

* There will be a shuttle service from Hommelvik Station to the location. More info on this will be announced when the time is right..

* By car: Further directions will be announced closer to TrollOff :)

For tickets and registrations, go HERE:

*** [] ***

There are four phases of tickets with different pricing, as follows:

* 1.12.16 - 28.2.17 : 400 NOK / 44 € (50 tickets only)

* 1.3.17 - 30.6.17 : 600 NOK / 66 €

* 1.7.17 - 25.8.17 : 800 NOK / 88 €

* At the door, CASH ONLY : 1000 NOK / 110 €
(NB!! Do not forget to register! Follow ticket link and choose ticket type "Troll Guest" to register and buy your ticket at the door.)

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