Silver Lake Festival 2017 18 Aug '17, 16:30
Party flyer: Silver Lake Festival 2017 18 Aug '17, 16:30
Line Up
We are pleased to announce the second edition of beautiful Silver Lake Festival in south Poland [Google Maps: 50°45'29.2"N 18°04'39.1"E]

Line Up
㋡ Mirror me LIVE
㋡ Nolax LIVE & djset (AT)
㋡ Shaman Baraban LIVE & djset (CZ)
㋡ Biopolar (Espoo FIN)
㋡ Shroomi / Intergalactic Mushroom Network LIVE (FIN)
㋡ Graphic (Poznań, SynaPsy)
㋡ Jorgos Petrovsky (FIN)
㋡ Cybernetixx (Brno, CZ)
㋡ SatanicElectro LIVE (Wawa),
㋡ InLight (Berlin, Mamomam Records)
㋡ CO (Krk)
㋡ Invoker (Krk)
㋡ Leorafen (Wawa, LesnaSzajka)
㋡ Explosis (Wawa, Mantara Art Imprezy)
㋡ Moulas (Kielce, HCC Soundsystem)
㋡ Technik 303 (Wrocław, Futro Records)
㋡ ABU (Szczecin, PsyWest Crew)
㋡ ArtB (Tarnów)
㋡ Anton Virchow (Lublin / Katowice)
㋡ Fonzey (Kraków / Nowy Sącz)
㋡ AL LAD (Wrocław, Triops)
㋡ clas6 (Police, PsyWest Crew)
㋡ Malina Psy (Police)
㋡ Bonifacy Dark (Stargard, PsyWest Crew)
㋡ Antoni Pietras (Szczecin)
㋡ Axell Astrid (Police, PsyWest Crew)
㋡ Morten Noir (Tarnów)
㋡ Mescal (We Are Aliens) ॐ

Chill stage:
ॐ Red Sun Rising LIVE & djset (Szczecin)
ॐ Intergalactic Mushroom Network LIVE (FIN)
ॐ Mätäs LIVE (FIN)
ॐ Moony LIVE (Korzenie Poznania - The Roots of Perception)
ॐ Caveman LIVE (Korzenie Poznania - The Roots of Perception)
ॐ ABU (Szczecin, PsyWest Crew)
ॐ Axell Astrid (Police, PsyWest Crew)
ॐ Bonifacy Dark (Stargard, PsyWest Crew)
ॐ Explosis (Wawa, Mantara Art Imprezy)
ॐ Anais (Wawa, Mantara Art Imprezy)
ॐ InLight (Berlin, Mamomam Records)
ॐ Jorgos Petrovsky (FIN)
ॐ Invoker (Kraków)
ॐ DNL (Bielsko - Biała)
ॐ AL LAD (Wrocław, Triops)
ॐ Mescal (We Are Aliens)
ॐ Rajz (Kraków, MOJO / POJO)
Triops, WAA team & friends
party info in English

☯ 2 stages
☯ campsite
☯ parking
☯ playground for children
☯ playground for volleyball
☯ water bikes
☯ showers, wc
☯ bar
☯ camping trailers (very limited quantity)

Weekend tickets are available at the gate 75 PLN / 19 € / 400 CZK
(by our ambassador Ire Czekk 60 PLN / 15 € / 350 CZK)
Kids up to 12 years of age have entry free.

campsite price list:
- fee for a tent 11 PLN / day
- fee for adult participant 6 PLN / day
- children from 7 to 12 years old - 3 PLN / day
- children up to 6 years old - free of charge
- over 5 days - 10% discount (paid in advance)
- over 10 days - 20% discount (paid in advance)
- parking - car - 7 PLN / day
- drive to the campsite at the lake without tent - 15 PLN / day (more information in the bar)
Königshuld, Woiwodschaft Opole, Polen
Osowiec Slaski
Entry fee
Entry fee
19€ weekend
Piotrek / dj mescal
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