ShivaMoon International Festival 2007

ShivaMoon International Festival 2007 24 Aug '07, 20:00
Party flyer: ShivaMoon International Festival 2007 24 Aug '07, 20:00
Line Up
Live performances at the ShivaMoon Festival include:

Atomic Pulse (BNE Tel Aviv)
Analog Pussy (AP Records)
Audio Junkies (Electrick Records/Spun Ibiza, Israel)
Ianuaria (Hardboiled Records, Austria)
Neelix (Millennium Records)
M.I.D.A. (Basement Records, Germany)
Perplex (Spun Records, Israel)
Slider (Noya Records, Israel)

Much more info (biographies, links) about the live acts performing at Shiva Moon is available at
The schedule of appearances is now posted on [] (Festival News)

The ShivaMoon Festival's psychedelic trance, full-on, progressive and electro DJs:

Amrit (Germany)
Anaïs (Brazil)
Antaro (Spirit Zone)
Carsten Stäcker & DJane Vidi (Germany)
Daniel Vernunft aka Shiva Shandra (Spirit Zone)
Der Loth (Basement Records, Germany)
Doc Holiday & Roland (Rotor Project)
Era (Hungary)
Fohat (Amaris Records) Germany
Fred Freshroom (Mushroom Magazine)
Heribert & Javeed (Germany)
James Cage (Budapest, Ungarn)
Konstantin (Spiritual Healing, Germany)
K-Isuma & Electro Sushi (Germany)
Leung (Thailand)
Manubi (Klangbewusstsein) Austria
Meik-y-not (Utopia Records, Denmark)
Melburn (Hamburg, Germany)
Mikadho (Chaishop/Y.S.E./Spintwist Hamburg, Germany)
Mogwai & Rydder (Denmark)
Nubek & Nutek (Cosmicord, Ungarn
Nurbong (Freshbeatz, Germany)
O-Cin (Basement Records, Germany)
Professor (Soundpride, Austria)
Punka & Cebo (Beatfreakz, Germany)
Sabaii Sabaii (Thailand)
Scotty (VuuV, Germany)
Small & Tall (Mystic Tribes, Germany)
Tiggx (Basement Records, Germany)
Twistec (Netherlands)

Much more info (biographies, links) about the DJs spinning at Shiva Moon is available at
The schedule of appearances is now posted on [] (Festival News)

::Chai shop / chill area with ambient sounds::
::ShivaMoon Deco Crew::
Info about the Deco Crews can be found on!
LOVE and PEACE, your Shiva Moon Festival team:
Bhavani, Edwin, Jasmin, André, DJ K-Isuma, Alan, Nico and Jan
See Google map: ShivaMoon Festival 2007

By car from Vienna, Austria it is only 88 km (55 miles) to the festival site. Take the A4 highway in the direction of Airport Wien/BUDAPEST to the Hungarian border. Once in Hungary, continue on the highway until the first exit signed for Mosonmagyarovar, then continue to the town center where you'll find LIDL supermarket. Follow the signs to Hàlàszi and from there to Püski, from there to Dunaremete. Follow our special Shiva Moon signs along the route.

!! ShivaMoon Bus Shuttle Info from Vienna to the Festival, last minute:
because of the complicated and too expensive offers for shuttle
vice directly from the Vienna Airport, we ask all guests coming by train to continue the journey by train and to take the train to Mosonmagyarovar in Hungary from Wien Südbahnhof ( Vienna Train Station South).
If you come by airplane: the busstation to Wien Südbahnhof ( Vienna Train Station South) is on the left when you leave the main entrance of the airport.
At Wien Südbahnhof, take the train ( direction Gyr) to Mosonmagyarovar in Hungary( 75 km- 14 Euro).
The train leaves every hour during daytime. You find the exact departure times in this Document DOWNLOAD []
From the Mosonmagyarovar Train Station, the shuttle bus leaves every 90 minutes and takes you to directly to the Shiva Moon Festival Area, going from thursday, 23. of August until Saturday, 25. of August , at the cost of 2 Euro.
Shuttle from Mosonmagyarovar:
on the 23. of August from 12:00 to night
24. and 25. of August ( Fryday and Saturday) from 10:00 to late night
Return Shuttle from the Festival Area to Mosonmagyarovar from Monday, 27th of August, ( exact timetable at the Info)
If you arrive or leave at any other time when no shuttle is happening, you can take a taxi for approximately 13 Euro.

By train and bus (independently):
An alternative rail connection is to take the train to Mosonmagyarovar (on trains for Györ or Budapest that stop there). It's a five miunute walk to the bus terminal, where local buses to Dunaremete (via Hàlàszi) leave hourly.

Special train services:
The Partytrain has been cancelled. Indian Event is organizing Busses for all Travellers so you will get to the Festival with no problem. See [] for full details. This offer is being organized commercially and we are not connected with the organizers.

After the party:
If you have the time, you can also conveniently enjoy the Sonnenklang Festival in Austria, see [] - which is being held the weekend after ShivaMoon and it's only about 150km from the ShivaMoon Festival.

We have obtained official sanction for the location at Dunaremete, which is in a beautiful, natural and unpopulated area, close to the River Danube, which marks the border of Hungary and Slovakia. It is only 88 km (about 50 miles) from Vienna.

Entry fee
Presale tickets for the ShivaMoon Festival 2007 may be booked online at []

* June €33
* July €37
* August - NO PRESALE

Festival gate tickets: €50

The ticket includes free camping, parking and to cover the costs of the necessary environmental protection.

Love. peace and light from the ShivaMoon 2007 team:
Bhavani, Edwin, Jasmin, André, DJ K-Isuma, Alan, Nico und Jan

Shiva Moon will rise again...

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