Shankra Festival Sri Lanka 2022

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1m 9d #2 tüdelüt

öi.....some month ago i saw a documentation about the 2020 edition and that people weren´t allowed to leave the place cause authorities quarantined them. has someone more infos about this? how long people had to stay?
i dont know if the short film (i think it was 15 to 20 minutes long) is down on yt or if i dont find it anymore.
greetz :)

*please excuse me if i mess things up here... maybe it was atman? im not sure right now.
23d 10min
oh, i´m sorry for mixing this up. didn´t want to spread misinformation.
so, it´s from vice and its still up on yt.
thank you and have a good time.
24d 17h
Hello tüdelüt,
it was a documentary on Tribal Gathering in Panama.
This has never happened at Shankra Festival nor in Sri Lanka.

Thank you and wish you a good day,
Shankra Team
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1m 18d #1 tru7h

are you sure that's the actual lineup of the festival and not just the list of every artist name in somone's* music library?

*someone with a good taste in music
24d 17h
Hello tru7h,
this is the updated lineup.
For more information and the lastest news, you can visit our website: []

Thank you,
Shankra Team
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