Party flyer: *ROTTA SU GOA* 13 Sep '13, 22:00
Party flyer: *ROTTA SU GOA* 13 Sep '13, 22:00
IN LAK ECH (Catalyst Records Mexico) soundcloud
HOLON (Catalyst Records Mexico) soundcloud
HAFFMAN (Catalyst Records Mexico) soundcloud
KABAYUN (Looney moon Rec. USA) soundcloud
CAVEMAN (Quarion Tribe-Purple Hexagon Rec.) soundcloud
PEYO (Trancemission Project, Blue Hour Sounds Rec.) soundcloud
SISMIC (M.M.H Rec.) soundcloud
PURPLE RAVER (Blacklite Records) soundcloud
PSY-MR.(Visionary Shamanics Rec.) soundcloud
ANX (voidoscope rec) soundcloud
GND MACHINES (Trancemission Project) soundcloud
INSTINCT WAVE ( D-A-R-K Records )(Woo Dog Rec) soundcloud
PIERO (Nataraja Temple)
Dj HISRAV (Catalyst Records Mexico) [catalystrecords.org]
SHIVADANCER (Electric Circus Germany) soundcloud
MAYA PERCEPTORS (Perceptors Proj, Digital Nature Records UK) soundcloud
CANNO (Quarion Tribe)
DODO3 (Quarion Tribe) soundcloud
AXEL (Quarion Tribe)
PEDROINE (Trancemission Project, Alternating Beats) soundcloud
ONADROIG (Rotta su goa-Babylon in space) soundcloud
LIZARD (Rotta su goa) soundcloud
GIGGIONE Aka GJ (Tbc crew-Babylon in Space NL)
CIX LKM (Lkm crew) soundcloud
CHIKO (Semantik-Om) soundcloud
BLACK LOTUS (Merkaba crew)
LOKI (Reminded-below-project) soundcloud
MENTAL (Problem children) soundcloud
MIK3L (believe) soundcloud
PSYCHOVER - (Dragonskullz Rec, Energetic Touch, PsyFamily) soundcloud
GIORGIO IV (Reminded-below-project) soundcloud
ARMONIX (SolarTech Rec.) soundcloud
EROS aka XeRoMoRpH (Creative Jungle Rec)
WILDCHILD (Creative Jungle Rec)
OPTIK (Trancemission Project, Octopus Productions)
0t0 EXPERIENCE (Rotta su Goa) soundcloud
NICK METAMORPH (Vimana project) soundcloud
CHEMAKO (Nataraja Temple)
OM-GARUDA (indipendent) soundcloud
VOID CONTROLLER (voidoscope rec.) [bandcamp.com]
PABLO SELECTA (Trancemission Project) soundcloud
ONADROIG SELECTA (Rotta su Goa-Babylon in space)
Mr. PEDROINE (Trancemission Project, Alternating Beats) [alternatingbeats.com]

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Visual by ZHOR
Straight out of Mexico, Mr.Hisrav & Mr.Haffman bring us In Lak Ech. After years of mature exploration of digital sound, these two have condensed their ideas into a free flow of serious trance playable at any time, on any dancefloor with positive effects guaranteed. Solid and groovy bassline mixed into a delicate frenzy of psychedelic sounds and percussions makes In Lak Ech one of Mexico..s newest and most solicited live acts. , In Lak Ech is a sturdy example of the new wave of sound emerging from Mexico.

Behind of "holon" we can find a strong element within the scene , we re talking about "Mr. Hisrav" we mean that after maturing their sound over the years on the solid project "In Lak Ech" in collaboration with Dj Haffman, he choice create his solo side project. Conformed with a hypnotic line trance music , insistent, twisted,, crispy, full of witchcraft and especially very psychedelic. This is how "Holon" can be heard on a fullmoon night with the light filtering through the clouds or in a morning with the sun at top , with guaranteed results in the dancefloor.

Ambidextrous Mr.Haffman is half of InLakEch and half of Twins. Explores the more progressive dimensions of Trance sticking to serious and psy-driven Prog. He induces a hipnotic dose of beats, synths and elgant percussions perfect for morning hours. A keen selection and elegant technique make him a perfect option for morning hours.
The party will take place in a wonderful farm hollidays nestled in the hills and hidden from profane eyes from a large forest. Inside there will be also a fireplace and a wood-burning oven, externally there are areas with water and electricity for your camper or tent.
Let's explode, blend in the new world, experience the adventure of the profound inner silence, through the harmonics of trance ....…

Il party si svolgerà in un agriturismo meraviglioso immerso tra le colline e nascosto ad occhi profani da un grande bosco. Al suo interno ci saranno anche un camino e un forno a legna, esternamente invece si potrà usufruire di piazzole con acqua e corrente e sarà quindi possibile alloggiare con la propria tenda.

I camper non potranno scendere nel bosco o meglio nella zona del mainfloor; Avremo a disposizione un mezzo per il trasporto dei materiali di ogni stand; Si consiglia di munirsi di Gazebo per delineare il proprio banchetto.
Ad allietare il nostro incontro ci saranno giocolieri, mangiatori di fuoco, mostre d'arte, conferenze e per i più piccoli un'area adibita al loro divertimento!!

Entry fee
It is a special and intimate encounter between different tribes, an event without any profit or promotional intent, powered only by the deep desire to communicate, learn and grow. To the brothers and sisters who come to spend these 3 days with us will ask for a contribution of 15 € on friday and 10€ from saturday onwards. Which merely intends to cover the rent of the farm, food for the artists and the system. The water will be free of charge and all other drinks at extremely friendly prices. The same will be done by those who will take care of the food.

Si tratta di un incontro intimo e speciale tra tribù diverse, un evento senza alcuno scopo di lucro o intento promozionale, alimentato esclusivamente dal desiderio profondo di comunicare, conoscere e crescere. Ai fratelli e alle sorelle che verranno a trascorrere questi 3 giorni con noi chiederemo un contributo di 15€, invece dal sabato alla domenica sera 10€; tutto questo è finalizzato unicamente per coprire l’affitto dell’agriturismo, le spese degli artisti e le spese dell’impianto. Il bar in cambio offrirà acqua gratuitamente e tutte le altre bevande a prezzi estremamente amichevoli. Lo stesso verrà fatto da chi si occuperà del cibo.
Rotta su Goa & Quarion Tribe
We are some wanderers in the wheels of eternity's ever-pulsating multiconnections. Captured in the magnetic fields of the psychedelic supernova, sharing body/dancevibes.
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