Revolution Festival 2018 6 Jul '18, 12:00
Party flyer: Revolution Festival 2018 6 Jul '18, 12:00
Line Up
General Levy (UK)
Steppa Style (RU)
Vilniaus Energija (LT)
Blush Response (DE)
Detest (DE)
DJ Cubixx (DE)
Lavery (UK)
Under Black Helmet (LT)
Mathlovsky (BE)
FoxMind (ISR)
AK42 (LT)
Alex Krell (LT)
Aranyo (LT)
ARThas (LT)
Artis & Vizionieriai (LT)
Atman (LT)
B Ore (LT)
Baltic Champions (LT)
Black Fire (LT)
Calli (LT)
DJ Swix (LT)
Dohm (LT)
Edessey (LV)
Edvoo (LT)
Groove Tribe (LT)
Hi-Tech (LT)
JAH Nation Nitro's (LT)
Jahstina (LT)
Jlighta (LT)
Kaukas (LT)
Lsar (LT)
M1dlet (LT)
Mean Teeth (LT/EE)
Most Evil (LT)
Nelumbos LIVE (LT)
Psy_aQw​ (LT)
Schwartzas (LT)
Socle (LT)
Spray (LT)
Squadex (LT)
Suldubuldu (LT)
Sunflower (LT)
Teravito (ES)
Tony Jungle (LT)
X-Trees (RU/LT)
For the fifth time, a gathering place for musical lovers, Revolution Festival invites you to dive into a musical journey on the 6-8th of July, 2018. For those, who do not find three days of dancing quite enough, the festival gates unofficially open and welcome them a day before, on Thursday, the 5th of July.

The musical spectrum of the festival consists of Jungle, Reggae, Techno, Hardcore, Drum and Base, Psytrance and Chill music colours and shades.

A great musical spectrum and a variety of artists will give a chance to discover new sounds and beats as well as appreciate your beloved artists and genres all in one place. Because the best music is not necessarily the one that you know till the last beat.

Valley of Songs, Varėna, Lithuania
Entry fee
Entry fee
Jah Nation
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