PsyTabor 2.0 29 Jun '17, 01:00
Party flyer: PsyTabor 2.0 29 Jun '17, 01:00
Line Up

Ξ SkokniPaLokni (Forestdelic recods)
Ξ Zwook aka Bole Nutt (Apsurdistan)
Ξ Rook (Dreamcatcher)
Ξ Rakkaani (Flying Carpet)
Ξ Nexetuku (Mizzart)
Ξ HiGashi (Flying Carpet)
Ξ Nibiru (Chagadelia)
Ξ Sun Wu Kong (Flying Carpet)
Ξ Willson (Quad Logos)
Ξ Bor Mašina (SektorSelektor)
Ξ Energie (Woodshock, Spiritual Valley)
Ξ Naboo (Spiritual Valley)
Ξ Desi Mir (Apsurdistan)
Ξ Junzi
Ξ ....


Ξ Yoga
Ξ Acro Yoga
Ξ Kundalini meditation
Ξ Mushroom/Mycology
Ξ Wild plants distillation
Ξ Gong sound bath
Ξ Natural mask and costume workshop
Ξ ...


Ξ Psychedelic Society of Slovenia
Ξ Blockchain - techology of the future
This is the second edition of PsyTabor (PsyCamp) : 4 days of workshops, lectures, socializing, camping and music by a beautiful green river Krka in the heart of Slovenia.

Main theme is psychedelic trance&dance but also other (electronic) genres even slower ones.

There will open / shared kitchen so bring some food to share! There will also be available some food stands and drinks at the bar. Tents, hammocks, pillows, whatever - welcome!

Any ideas for programme/workshop/lecture/volunteer welcome !!!

Purpose is to create a safe, home environment where we all get to know each other and then dance together at the end! :)
reka Krka
Entry fee
Entry fee
25e (4 days) // 15e (1 day)
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