Festival / 32
****PSYCROWDELICA- OA**** 20 Jul '07, 22:00
Party flyer: ****PSYCROWDELICA- OA**** 20 Jul '07, 22:00
Line Up
Atriohm*******(live&dj)Parvati Rec. Macedonia
Encephalopaticys*******(live&dj)Parvati Rec. Macedonia
Chromatone*******Vaporvent Rec. USA
Slug*******Nexus Media. South Africa
Megalopsy*******Dark Prisma Rec. Argentina
Frantic Noise*******Dark Prisma Rec. Argentina
Mind Distortion System******Trishula Rec. Belgium
Highko*******Noise Poison Rec. Germany
Karash******* Kabrathor Rec. France
Delysid*******Noize Conspiracy Mexico
Bombax*******Mass Abduction Rec. Germany/HH
AodioiboA*******Night Oracle Rec. Germany/L
Vicious Error****** Evil Knivel Rec. Germany/B
Ankur*******Mass Abduction Rec. Germany/B
Hokus Pokus********Parvati Rec. Denmark
Pitchhikers*******Nexus Media. South Africa
Ilse*******Parvati Rec. GermanyHH
Iguana*******Parvati Rec. Germany/B
Dica*******Doof Rec. Israel
Spazzz*******Metatron prod. Israel
Daksinamurti&Chuha*******Rudraksh Rec. Germany
Conxion*******Limbogott inc. Germany/HH
Momo*******Mass Abduction Rec. France
Nous*******Paganoize Germany/L
Elfenklatscher*******Mintaka Dance Tribe Germany/L
Project 25*******Trishula Rec. Germany/B
David&Goliath*******Evil Knivel Rec. Germany/B-N
Dark Whisper*******Alice-D Germany/M
Goa Noa&Haljam*******Germany/B
Psydan*******EvilKnivl Germany/B
Live - Zoneotura*******Naked Tourist, Mindwaves Music, Germany, B
Live - Yestegan chaY*******Mindwaves Music, Israel
Live - Sofus Forsberg*******Rump Rec., Jenka Music, Denmark
Live - Morphonix*******Chromatone, Vaporvent Rec., USA
Live - Lauge********* Divine Balance Records, Denmark
Live - Prisma*******Megalopsy, Dark Prisma Rec., Argentinia
Live - Jeff Leinwand*******Risk Industries, Mindwaves Music, Germany, B
Live - Aodioiboa*******CosmicWalkers, Germany, L

Nanda*******Chillosophy Music, Chile-Sweden
Mouka*******Ajana Rec. Netherland
Perkynose*******Sofus Forsberg, Jenka Music, Denmark
Atriohm*******Parvati Rec., Ajana Rec., Macedonia
Conxion*******Limbogott Inc., Germany, HH
Dica & Ilse*******Doof Rec., Noise Poison Rec., Germany, HH
MerrySpace*******Gaggalacka, Germany, B, DD
Nesjaja*******Chromanova Radio, Germany, B
Psydan*******Evil Knivel Rec., Germany, B
Jus10*******ChillinBerlin.com, Mindwaves Music, Germany, B
Pat.T*******Mindwaves Music, ChillinBerlin.com, Germany, B
Neil Gibson*******Blacklight Activists (neilgibson.ca)Canada
vj Influenz*******Germany/L
vj mimo-TV*******Tschech.Rep.
vj jarin*******Tschech.Rep.
SYRINCS PA by Penne Sound

2 lakes cloose to the location ( 10 min. to walk or drive )
Security ( used to Freaks )
fair price for food and drinks

please no dogs!

a shuttle goes from vetschau -location and location - vetschau from friday 12.00
till monday 18.00
by train from berlin hbf : 12.06; 13.06; 14.06 usw.
by train from leipzig hbf: 13.07; 15.07; 17.07; 18.07
or Auskunft Deutsche Bahn
phone shuttle 0173/8190286

Göritz / Drebkau C/O Gelber Wahnfried
Entry fee
Entry fee
VVK endet am 14.07.07
Door : 30 Euro
VVK : 25 Euro @ Tribaltools Berlin
Tel. 030/35102103
The Crow, Brainstorm, Paganoize, Mindwaves music, Ankur
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