Line Up
Alitia / live
(Tantrumm Records, Discovalley Records, Goan Mantra Records) Greece

Blisargon Demogorgon/ live + dj set
(bhooteshwara rec) Macedonia

Bombax / live
(free radical records) Germany

Cannibal Crow / dj set
(psycrowdelica rec.)Germany

Cracked Noses/ live
(alice-d/wild seven) Portugal/ Germany

Enichkin/ live
( Avatar Rec )Russia

Khaos Sektor/ live
(Quest4goa/Avatar Records )Portugal

LAB / live + dj set
(No Comment / Devils Mind / Quest4goa) Portugal

Mekanical Mind /live
(Devil Ground Prod) Portugal

Mind Distortion System / live
(Lycantrop/Kamino/trishula) Belgium

Mulondark / dj set
(critical method recs) Portugal

Orestis / live
(Tantrumm Records /  Mighty Quinn Records / Lycantrop Records) Greece

Rawar/ live
( lycantrop/2to6/manic dragon)Portugal

Sator Arepo / live
(alice d , wild seven rec, hss) germany

Strange influence / live
(akuntsu rec.) Portugal

Stranger / live + dj set
(Tantrumm Records / Goan Mantra Records) Greece

(Urban Antidote / Shiva Squad) Portugal

Will O' Wisp / live
(Dark Prisma Records ) Argentina

Xama Cirkus/ dj set
( Psybaba / LYcantrop / 2to6 ) Portugal
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Entry fee
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