Alt Meteln near Schwerin Meck Pomm · Germany
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Psy Tribe Open Air Part 3 6 Aug '10, 18:00
Party flyer: Psy Tribe Open Air Part 3 6 Aug '10, 18:00
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Zentrale der Freiheit Stage

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Von Schwerin:

Richtung Grevesmühlen -> bis Dalberg.
In Dalberg -> Rechts Richtung Alt Meteln -> follow the Signs

Die Location ist sehr leicht zu finden...
Aus Schwerin (ca. 10km von Schwerin entfernt)

Aus Hamburg und Berlin kommend.

A24 - Abfahrt Bandenitz -> Richtung Schwerin.

In Schwerin Richtung Wismar dann Rechts Richtung Grevesmühlen,dann bis Dalberg.

in Dalberg dann Rechts Richtung Alt Meteln -> follow the Signs

Shuttle-Service (zum fairen Preis)
Tel. 0162 / 8116947 (Karl) - Hbf Schwerin


From Schwerin: Direction Grevesmühlen, to mountain Dalberg. in mountain Dalberg then of right in the direction of Alt Meteln follow the Signs the Location is to be found very light... From Schwerin these are approx. 10 km

From Hamburg and Berlin coming. Departure Bandenitz in the direction of Schwerin. In Schwerin in the direction of Wismar then of right direction Grevesmühlen, then to mountain Dalberg. in mountain Dalberg then of right in the direction of Alt Meteln follow the Signs

There will be a shuttle service (starting at 5th of August)
From Schwerin central station you'll come directly to the festival area. (for small money)

Karl: 0049 - 162 / 8116947
Entry fee
Entry fee
25 Euro ganzes Wochenende.
15Euro ab Samstag(7.8.) 20UHR
Frei aber Sonntag(8.8) 6UHR
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