Psy-Fi "Book of Changes" 2017 16 Aug '17, 10:00
Party flyer: Psy-Fi "Book of Changes" 2017 16 Aug '17, 10:00
Line Up
Abra – (Ourminds Records)
Abramelin – (Ourminds Records)
Ace Ventura – (Iboga Records)
Aes Dana – (Ultimae Records)
Ajja – (Peak Records)
Akasha Vibes – (Techsafari Records)
Alpha Portal – (Hommega)
Altruism – (Nano)
Amani – (Desert Trax)
Anand – (3rd bit)
Animato – (Hommega)
Arjuna – (Parvati Records)
Astral Projection – (T.I.P. Records)
Astrix – (Hommega Records)
Atmos – (Iboga Records)
Audio Terrorist – (3rd bit)
Avalon – (Nano)
Behind Blue Eyes – (Iboga Records)
Boom Shankar – (BMSS)
Braincell – (Blue Hour Sounds)
Burn In Noise – (Nano Records)
Bwoy De Bhajan – (Iboga)
Carbon Based Lifeforms – (Ultimae Records)
Chillum Baba – (Independent)
Corka’an – (Psy-Fi)
Cosmo – (Noisepoison Records)
D-Lerium – (3rd bit)
Daksinamurti – (Sangoma Records)
Darwish – (Hommega Records)
Dense – (Chillgressive Tunes)
Derango – (Parvati Records)
Descroix – (Sofa Beats / Iboga)
Desert Dwellers – (Desert Trax)
Dickster – (Nano)
Digicult – (Dacru Records)
Dirty Saffi – (Bom Sankha Records)
DJ Josko – (RebelHiFi / RadiOzora / Reshape)
DJ Zen – (Iono)
Djoanna – (Waldfrieden)
Drip Drop – (Harmonia)
Earthling – (Future Music Records)
Eat Static – (Mesmobeat)
Eat Static In Dub – (Mesmobeat)
Eitan Reiter – (Nano)
Electrocado – (Gravitas Recordings)
Entheogenic – (Universal Symbiosis Records)
Etnica – (Etnicanet)
Etnica In Dub – (Etnicanet)
Filteria – (Suntrip Records)
Fluffy – (3rd bit)
Fungus Funk – (Sangoma)
FX23 – (ADN)
Gaudi - Allstars Orchestra – (Six Degrees)
Gaudium – (Iboga Records)
Giuseppe – (Parvati Records)
Globular – (Sofa Beats)
GMS – (Future Music)
Goa Jonas – (TIP Records)
Govinda – (Believe Lab)
Green Beats – (Nutek Chill Records)
Gumi – (Sofa Beats)
Harmonic Frequency - (Independent)
Hellquist – (Zenon Records)
Hilight Tribe – (Kosmik Hoboes)
Hilight Tribe special unplugged – (Kosmik Hoboes)
Hypogeo – (Zenon Records)
Illäusius (Synaptic Eclipse)
Imaginarium – (Digital Om)
Indra – (Maia Brasil Records)
Insector - (Kamino records)
Ital – (Antu)
Jahbo – (Parvati Records)
James Monro – (Nano)
Johnny Blue – (Sofa Beats)
Kaminanda – (Merkaba)
Kayrunchy – (3rd bit)
Killawatt – (Ourminds Records)
KinDzaDza – (Osom)
Kobi Toledano – (Nano Records)
Koxbox – (Zero One)
Krumelur – (Zenon)
Kukan Dub Lagan – (Sofa Beats)
Lifeforms – (Iono)
Liminal Roots - (Independent)
Loud Band – (Nano Records)
Lucas – (TIP Records)
Man With No Name – (Dragonfly Records)
Master Margherita – (Blue Hour Sounds)
Middle Mode – (Digital Om)
Mjert – (3rd bit)
MVMB – (Iboga Records)
Nilezz – (3rd bit)
Oleg – (S.U.N Festival)
Onkel Dunkel – (Parvati Records)
OTT – (Ottsonic)
Oxidaksi – (Kamino Records)
Para Halu – (Psylife)
Parasense – (Parvati Records)
Paul B – (3rd bit)
Phibian – (Trick Music)
Philoso – (Kamino)
Pleiadians – (Etnicanet)
Psymax – (3rd bit)
Raja Ram – (T.I.P. Records)
Rinkadink vs Element – (Future Music)
Robin Triskele – (Triskele Management)
Ryanosaurus – (Zenon)
Scorb – (Trick Music)
Shivanki – (3rd bit)
Shpongle Dj set by Raja Ram – (Twisted Music)
Skizologic – (Zion604)
Solar Fields – (Ultimae Records)
Soleye - (Hadra Records)
Sorian – (Sofa Beats)
Soundaholix – (Future Music)
Spoonbill – (Omelette Records)
Suduaya – (Altar Records)
Symbolic – (Iboga Records)
Symbolico – (Merkaba Music)
Tersius – (Ourminds Records)
Ticon – (Iboga)
Toxic In Dub – (Nutek Chill Records)
Traum Atlas – (Psylife)
Trevor Moontribe – (Desert Trax)
Tripswitch – (Iboga Records)
Tristan – (Nano)
Val Vashar – (Modem)
Vertical – (Parvai Records)
Vertical Mode – (Hommega Records)
Vikash – (Independent)
Vini Vici – (Iboga)
Wegha – (Ozora)
X-Dream – (Boshke Beats)
Yuta Uda – (Matsuri)
Zen Baboon – (Sofa Beats)
Zen Racoon – Sofa Beats)
Zen Mechanics – (Sourcecode Transmissions)
Zyce – (TesseracTstudio)

Next to the well known artists, we’ve put a lot of extra attention to new coming artists that we feel that need to be heard. They are producing great music all over the world and we are very pleased to have them on our festival.
Next to that our Alternative stage has changed to a stage only for Dark, Forest, Hi-tech and Psycore music.

For the program for the World music please have a look at our website. Here you can expect lots of world music life bands from all over the globe to Psytechno and DNB.
Patrice Hubert
Illuminated art
Cosmic stairway team
Ihti Anderson
Dutch Acid Family
Magic forest decoration
Tjarco designs
Circus Lumineszenz
Sharedmind visuals

and many more

Next to a great musical program there are many live performances all around the festival, theatre, fire-shows, drone laser shows, live paintings, sand sculptures and acoustic performances. We don't have a program for any of this, so just take a walk around and who knows what you will encounter :)

One of the performing groups that we would like to point out to you in Soulfire.
They provide a fire juggling space on the main stage beach, provide tools and workshops for anyone who is interested.
They also perform our opening ceremony.

For more informations please have a look at our website.
Welcome to our 5 year Anniversary celebration, the "Book of Changes"

The Book of Changes -- I Ching in Chinese -- is unquestionably one of the most important books in the world's literature. Its origin goes back to mythical antiquity, and it has occupied the attention of the most eminent scholars of China down to the present day.
The Book of changes is an ancient divination text read throughout the world, providing inspiration to the worlds of religion, psychoanalysis, business, literature, and art.

Some of you may also know Terence McKenna's Timewave Zero Theory:
The principal device of the Timewave Zero theory is a fractal function (constructed using numerical values derived from the I Ching hexagrams) which maps time onto 'novelty' and in this way predicts change.


We have two campsites, A Northside and a Southside camping.
Both camp sites are open from the 14th of August 12:00h until the 22nd of August 12:00h.
So more than one whole week to enjoy the nature surrounding the festival! See you there !

The biggest part of the campsite is in the forest. Another part is on grass planes along the water side and another is on parking lots surrounded by grass to camp on.

Campervans and cars:

We would like to make the camping experience more chilled for everyone. This means less vehicles on the campsite so there is more space to walk around, camp comfortably and nature does not look like a car park. We also need the space for our services, such as cleaning the toilets.


There are 80 hot and cold showers in total on a central spot on the campsites. About 50 flushing toilets and 300 eco dixie toilets are spread around the area, they are cleaned twice a day.

There are also several water points where you can get free drinking water.

Electrical charging points can be found on the festival terrain and in the info shop, free of charge.

For more informations please have a look at our website.
de Groene Ster. Leeuwarden, Netherlands
Entry fee
Ticket sales will start on Thursday 17.11.16 at 20:00 o'clock. (GMT +1)

1st phase: 80,00 Euro (Only 750 Tickets) - SOLD OUT

2nd Phase: 100,00 Euro (Only 1000 Tickets) - SOLD OUT

3rd Phase: 120,00 Euro (Max 17.000 Tickets)

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday: 140,00 Euro
Saturday from 08:00 AM: 80,00 Euro
Sunday from 08:00 AM: 40,00 Euro


For more informations please have a look at our website.
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