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Primitif Festival 2018 12 Sep '18, 14:00
Party flyer: Primitif Festival 2018 12 Sep '18, 14:00
۞ SPIRIT STAGE (Main Stage) ۞

Decoration and Mapping will be provided by Mister Kalamour & the mystical Miss Quendi !

Check their beautiful art here :

۞ SOUL STAGE (Alternative Stage) ۞

Decoration and Mapping will be provided by Mister Bloph & Mozaïk Ninja !

Check their amazing work here :

To get to the festival spot is simple, once you land at Marrakesh airport :
- Take the shuttle to get to the city
- Take a small taxi to get to a neighbourhood in the medina called "Sidi Mimoun", it's where you find the buses and big taxis going outside the city
- Ask for the bus going to "Amizmiz", you can also take a taxi but it will cost more, bus costs only 7 dirhams (0.5 euro)
- Then once you pass the Lalla Takerkoust dam (approximatively 1h from Marrakesh), the festival is 8km away
Stay focused on the road past the dam, we will put indication and signals on the road so you can't miss the spot.
If you get lost or need any kind of information, you can contact us on our phone numbers or on Facebook.
Entry fee
Entry fee
❌ Early Bird ➡️ Untill March : 50 Euros / 500 MAD (SOLD OUT)
▶️ Phase 1 ➡️ April & May : 65 Euros / 650 MAD (200 Tickets)
••• Phase 2 ➡️ June & July : 80 Euros / 800 MAD (300 Tickets)
••• Phase 3 ➡️ August : 90 Euros / 900 MAD (300 Tickets)
••• Gate ➡️ 110 Euros / 1100 MAD

Association "Les Primitifs"
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