nevsehir-cappadocia-damsa dam lake · Turkey
PAKAWALA 7 Sep '12, 17:00
Party flyer: PAKAWALA 7 Sep '12, 17:00
Line Up
-ATRIOHM (Parvati Rec.) Macedonia

-ENCEPHALOPATICYS (Parvati Rec.) Macedonia

-KINDZADZA (Osom Music.) Russia

-PSYKOVSKY ((Tantrumm Records / Osom Music ) Russia

-DOHM (Forest Freaks Rec.) Lithuania

-DIRTY SAFFI (Boom Shanka Music) U.K

-MARK DAY (Blur Hour Sounds) U.K

-NOLM (Mental sauce Phreex Networx Rec.) Japan

-LOOSE CONNECTION (Catawampus Rec.) U.K

-ULVAE (Parvati Rec.) Portugal

-PSYMMETRIX (Boom Shanka music) U.K

-SPORE (Goanmantra Rec. ) Italy

-SCHIZOID BEARS (Forest Freaks) Lithuania

-THERANGE FREAK ( D.S.P Rec. Raag Taal Rec.) Macedonia

-NIRMAL (Trippy trail ) Goa

-HYDROPANIC (Discovalley Rec. ) India

-ILLUSTRATOR (Raag Taal Rec.) Morroco

-ATARO (Free Radical Rec. Damaru Rec.) Iran

-AEGOLIOUS (Biijah Rec.) Macedonia
-ABBYSS (Raag Taal Rec.) Turkey

-PSYPRESSHILL (Shanti Tribe ) Turkey

-WOODPECKER (Logic Vision Rec.)Turkey

-CHOP STICK (Digital Shiva Power)Goa-japan

-LOVA (Nutria Dance-Noise Poison) Italy

-DJ NUKY (Boom Shanka Music.) U.K

-DR.BUZZ (Atman Fest ) Italy

-KOMARCHIKI (Sonik Chakras) Russia


-BRAINIAC( Solar Brain Project) Germany

-UNTERWEGS (Industraum Rec.) Turkey

-SENANG (Banyan Tree rec.) Austira

-SGARYY (Purple Hexagon) Germany

-SUPERSAM (Goa Freak Family) Iran

-VIRTUALIEN (Ghetto Music) Turkey

-ARTRA (Kohlea Project) Turkey


-EDENEA Germany

------ Live Act-------

-FLOOTING GROOVES (Peak Rec. ) Italy

-Spiritual Gangsta ( Radio bugzs)

-SESKAMOL (Pati Patu Prima Rec. ) Turkey

-CHAI WALLA feat Aslandj (Shanti Tribe) Turkey


-LUCID PICNIC (Peak Rec.) Turkey

-HATHOR (RaaG TaaL Records) Macedonia

-M.U.T.E (Hebehabe tribe)Turkey

-ORIAH Turkey

-Bahar Canca Turkey

-No.Data ( Turkey

-Magick ( Turkey

-EVON9NE (Bohemian Office) Turkey

-Wcl (Radio Rhizome) Turkey


- PixelParellax (Turkey) Sculpture Mapping


-NoVa (GöKoVa)

-PsySource/Electricmoon Records/Active Meditation Music/ManiacPsychoPro
Love and freedom,we are happy to invite you Pakawala 2012 in a Sacred atmosphere, on one of the most beautiful sides of Turkey. You can play in the forest, explore the canyon, amaze yourself with the wideness of open space and refresh yourself in the water .

An eco-friendly gathering, a stomping ground of true psychedelic trance, alternative stage for live bands and heart melting psybient tunes, healing area for our body and soul.

Our location is the perfect starting point to explore the area. You can go walking, mountainbiking, rafting, visit the lakes. In the chill-out forest you can listen to relaxing tunes and stories.

Time of our gathering falls on the FIRST week of september, that will come on september 7th. We have prepared a special program, that will allow you to feel and understand, with all your senses...

We are creating an international crew of artists - Their mission is to design and build a unique infrastructure that will invoke thought and emotional enjoyment which will take your party experience to a whole new level.

festival place to urgup 10 km ..
istanbul to festival place 8 hours by bus
ankara to festival place 3 hours by bus
also we have shuttle bus from istanbul and ankara..will be anonced more info!

u can check this site for cappadocia

Entry fee
Entry fee
pre sale ticket
july -30 euro
agust -50 euro
at the gate-70 euro

available here!!!!!
pakawala crew
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