:::::::: O.Z.O.R.A FESTIVAL 2011 ::::::::::

Festival / 109
Line Up
Main Stage Live acts:

Ace Ventura (Iboga Records) – ISR

Allaby (Nano Records) – UK

AMD (Nano Records) – UK

Antidote (Neurobiotic Records) – FR

Atmos (Spiral Trax/Atmotech) – SWE

Behind Blue Eyes (Iboga Records) – DK

Cosmo Circle (D-Djance Records) - PT

Dark Side ( Winie One Records) - H

Derango (Parvati Records) – SWE

Enichkin (Avatar Records/Triplag Music) – RUS

Fearsome Engine (Nano Records) – UK

Filteria (Suntrip Records) – GR

Gaudium (Iboga Records) – SWE

Green Nuns of the Revolution (Flying Rhino ) – UK

Hux Flux (Solstice Music) – SWE

Irgumburgum (Psybaba Records) – HUN

Krama (Spin Twist Records) – GR

Logic Bomb (Solstice Music) – SWE

Man With No Name ( Dragonfly/TIP Records) – UK

Megalopsy (Dark Prisma Records) – ARG

Mindwave (IONO Music ) – ISR

Orestis (Tantrumm/Mighty Quinn Rec.) - GR

Ovnimoon (IONO Music) – RCH

Ozric Tentacles (Snapper Music) LIVE IN CONCERT – UK

Penta (AuraQuake Records) - RUS

Pleiadians (Harmonia Records) – IT

Protoculture (Nano Records) - ZA

Protonica (IONO Music ) – GER

Sensient (Zenon Records) - AUS

Shpongle (Twisted Records) LIVE IN CONCERT – UK

Star Sounds Orchestra (Planetware Records) LIVE IN CONCERT - GER

SubConsciousMind (Ektoplazm) – CH

Suntree (IONO Music ) – ISR

The Delta (Solstice Music International) – GER

Tranan (Solstice Music) – SWE

Transwave (3D Vision Records ) – FR

Trippy Hippies (Psybaba Records) – HUN

Tristan (Nano Records/Twisted) – UK

U-Recken (Dooflex Records) - ISR

Union Jack (Platipus Records) - UK

X-Dream (Solstice Music International) – GER

-Z- (alpha & antagon) (Shivlink Records) - GER

Zen Mechanics (Neurobiotic Records) - B
Boom Shankar (BMSS Records) – GER

Chriss (Full Moon Festival ) – GER

Dimitri (T.I.P. World) – UK

Djane Gaby –Source Creation/Digital Nation – SLO

Driss (Hadra Network) – FR

Doc (Harmonia Records) – GRE

Edoardo (Neurobiotic Records) – IT

Gino (Sonica Festival ) – IT

Gorgo (Human Touch) – HUN

Gus Till ( Flying Rhino, SUB ) - UK/Bali

James Monro (4Digital/Flying Rhino) – UK (CLASSIC SET)

Kraak (SpiralExit) – HUN

Lucas (T.I.P. Records) – UK

Mike Maguire (Dragonfly Records) – UK

Oleg (Deepsmile/Human Touch) – HUN

Peter Didjital (Digital Structures) – SWE

Raja Ram ( TIP Records) – UK

Sabaii Sabaii (SpiritZone ) - TH

Sensifeel dj set (Spin Twist Records) - FR

Shane Gobi (Alchemy Records) – UK

Tsubi (Human Touch) – HUN
Aes Dana (Ultimae Records) - FR

Asura (Ultimae Records) – FR

Ancient Core (Cosmic Plazma) – RO

Aurafood (Independent) - HUN

Banco de Gaia (Disco Gecko Recordings) – UK

Biosphere (Biophone Records) – N

Cell (Ultimae Records) - FR

Carbon Based Lifeforms ( Ultimae Records) – SWE

Circular (Ultimae Records) – FR

Derango (Parvati Records) – SWE

Digital Tooki (Stani Pani Collective) – SRB

Eat Static (Mesmobeat/Solstice/T.I.P. World/Interchill) – UK

Entheogenic (Universal Symbiosis Rec.) – GER

Hibernation (Aleph Zero records) - UK

H.U.V.A. Network (Ultimae Records) – FR/SWE

Jaia (Tribal Vision Records) – FR

Kaya Project (Interchill Records) – UK

Kalumet in Dub (Independent) – H

Ott (Twisted Records)- UK

Prometheus (Twisted ) – UK

Pupilla (Cokxpon ) – H

Solar Fields (Ultimae Records) – SWE

Soul Surfer (Millennium Records) – SWE

Sync24 (Ultimae Records) – FR

Tripswitch (Interchill Records) - UK

Twang (Independent) – HUN

Winie One (Winie One Records) – HUN

Val Vashar (Zenon Records) – CRO

Zen Lemonade/Gus Till (Flying Rhino, SUB )- UK/Bali

Chill Stage Dj sets:

Younger Brother (Twisted) dj set – UK

AddSimeon (Something groovy) – UK

Atati (Transcarpathiarts) – UA

BB303 (Human Touch) – HUN

Buxi (Psybaba Records) – HUN

Dave Arc-i (Brighton ) – UK

Dj Mesterhazy (Syrup) – HUN

Dovla (Interchill, Flow Records) – CRO

Iaindub (Something groovy) – UK

Isu (Akt Records) – HUN

Leo (SpiralExit) – HUN

Naga (Hairy Records) - H

Nanda (Chillosophy Music) –C/SWE

Nitelight (NVC) – HUN

Tajmahal (Ultimae Records) – FR

Tsubi (Human Touch) – HUN

Simon Baring (Neon Bookings) – UK

Slater (Tribal Visions) – CZ

Stajl (SpiralExit ) – HUN

Obi (Psybaba Records) – HUN
The Extradimensional Space Agency - UK
Global village productions - UK
Liquid Faeries – UK

Visuals : The Extradimensional Space Agency - UK
Global village productions - UK
Liquid Faeries - UK
Pumpui - HUN
Tickets will be available online from either:

Access All Areas Network Ltd (United Kingdom)
2nd Floor, 30c Camden Lock Place, London, NW1 8AL.
Tel: +44 (0)20 7267 8320 & +44 (0)20 7267 6148
Ticket link : [accessallareas.org]
Email: info@accessallareas.org
Website: [accessallareas.org]
Online shop: [onlinestall.com]
opening hours are:
Monday - Wednesday 12pm till 7pm (BST)
Thursday - Saturday 12pm till 8pm (BST)

Hadra (France)
Website: [hadra.net]
Tel:+33670417769 ,
Email : hadra@hadra.net
Address: 231 Chemin des Iles, 28340 Voreppe
Dadpuszta,Hungary otherwise known simply as Paradise
Entry fee
Entry fee
Phase 1 – 70 euros+applicable Service Charge (Limited)
Phase 2 – 90 euros+applicable Service Charge (until July 17,2011)
Phase 3 – 110euros (Unlimited at the Gate from July 30,2011 )
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