Line Up
O.Z.O.R.A Festival 2009 (10th Anniversary Special Edition)

August 11-16,2009

Main Stage Live acts:

Atmos (Digital Structures) – SWE

Allaby (Nano Records) – UK

Andromeda (Yellow Sunshine Explosion) – SWE

Blue Planet Corporation (Flying Rhino Rec.) – FR

Derango (Parvati Records) – SWE

Echotek (B.N.E. Entertainment ) – ISR

Electric Universe (Electric Universe Rec.) – GER

Etnica (EtnicaNet) - IT

Furious (Insomnia Records) – RUS

Hallucinogen (Twisted Records) – UK

Hyper Frequencies (Syncronize Records) – FR

Irgumburgum (Psybaba Records) – HUN

Jaia (Digital Structures) - FR

Juno Reactor (Metropolis Records) – UK

Kashyyk (Insomnia Records) – ISR

Liquid Soul ( Iboga Records) – CH

Logic Bomb (Solstice Music) – SWE

Man With No Name ( Dragonfly/TIP Records) – UK

Neuromotor (Mechanik Rec./Medusa Rec) – FR

Ocelot (Dropout Productions) – USA

Pleiadians (Harmonia Records) – IT

Prometheus (Twisted Records) – UK

Protoculture (Nano Records) - ZA

Shpongle LIVE IN CONCERT (Twisted Records) – UK

Son Kite (Digital Structures) – SWE

Silicon Sound (Neurobiotic Records) – FR

Talamasca (Mind Control Records) – FR

Total Eclipse (Mandala Records) – FR

Transwave (3D Vision Records ) – FR

Tristan (Nano Records/Twisted) – UK

TrippyHippies (Psybaba Records) – HUN

Vibrasphere (Digital Structures/Tribal Vision) – SWE
Main Stage Dj sets:

Alpha (Interzone.pa) – GER

Ans (Nano Records) – UK

Cosmo (Noise Poison Records) – SK

Christof ( 3D Vision) - FR

Edoardo (Neurobiotic Records) – IT

Driss (Hadra Network) – FR

Dj Marios (Samothraki Festival) – GRE

Doc (Candyflip Records) – GRE

Guiseppe (Parvati Records) – IT

Kristian (Transient Records) – UK

L’Elf (Turbo Trance Records) – FR

Lucas (T.I.P. Records) – UK

Peter Didjital (Digital Structures) – SWE

Shane Gobi (Alchemy Records) – UK

Oleg (Deepsmile/Human Touch) – HUN

Era (Protoplazma) – HUN

Gorgo (Human Touch) – HUN

Jirzij (Psybaba Records) – HUN

Kraak (SpiralExit) – HUN

Tsubi (Human Touch) – HUN
Chill Stage Live acts:

Aes Dana (Ultimae Records) - FR

Asura (Ultimae Records) – FR

Entheogenic (Universal Symbiosis Rec.) – GER

Carbon Based Lifeforms( Ultimae Records) - SWE

Ott (Twisted Records) - UK

Soul Surfer (Millennium Records) – SWE

Solar Fields (Ultimae Records) – SWE

Vibrasphere (Digital Structures/Tribal Vision) – SWE

Digital Tooki (Stani Pani Collective) – SER

Atati (Transcarpathiarts) – UA

Cord (Chi Recordings) – HUN

Kalumet in Dub (Halu beats) – HUN

Winie-One (Winnie-One Records) - HUN

Chill Stage Dj sets:

Ott (Twisted Records)- UK

Nanda (Chillosophy Music) –C/SWE

Simon B (Twisted Records) – UK

Dave Arc-i ( ) – UK

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