NATURE GROW FESTIVAL · 17 Aug 2007 · Beniaminow near. Warsaw (Poland)


Party Flyer NATURE GROW FESTIVAL 17 Aug '07, 20:00
Party Flyer NATURE GROW FESTIVAL 17 Aug '07, 20:00
Line Up
Acid Goblins (Nabi Records) HUN
Azidax (Hypnotica Records) BEL
Dark Elf (Discovalley Records) GRE
Dark Whisper (Alice-D / Apocaliptic Rec.) IT vs. Sator Arepo (Alice-D / Evil Empire) GER
Frantic Noise (Dark Prisma Records) ARG
Haunted Castle (Psybaba Records) HUN
Magnatec (Warsaw) PL
Megalopsy (Trishula Records) ARG
Multi Evil (Dark Life Records / Digital Disorder / Evil Knivel / 5th Element Rec.) PL
Orestis (Tantrumm Rec. / Mighty Quinn Rec.) GRE
Prophets Of Orion (Uridium) PL
Psychoz (Dark Life Records) MAC
Sectio Aurea (D-A-R-K / Triplag) CH
Space Element (Warsaw) PL
Stellar Magnitude (Warsaw) PL

Acid Goblins (Nabi Records) HUN
Bongo (Hallabanaha) PL
Dark Whisper (Alice-D / Apocaliptic Rec.) IT
Dedess (Suntribe) FR
Devi@ntt (Wonk#Ay / Turned Toon / Triplag) ENG
Ditch (Medulla Oblongata) PL
Explosis (Mantara) PL
FungusOK (D-A-R-K / Triplag) RUS
GJ (Babyloon In Space) IT
Jaco (Collorobia) PL
Jaros (Dark Life Records) PL
Kaliflower (Parvati Records / Insomnia Records) RUS
Kindzadza (Osom Music) RUS
Kao Dede (Syndromm) PL
Kwieq (Hallabanaha) PL
Mabeat (Hallabanaha) PL
Nois (AoV) PL
Osthato Chetowa (Wejherowo) PL
Papaja Paranoja (Medulla Oblongata) PL
Paranoic (BejTrans) PL
Psytour (Night Oracle Records) GRE
Raze (Medulla Oblongata) PL
Sickman aka Prion (Hexcoded) HOL
S-Mutans (D-A-R-K / Triplag) CH
SofiaX (Mental Cruelty Records) GRE
Szopen (Digital Disorder) PL
Tracer (Dark Life Records / Uridium) PL
Ukain (Digital Disorder) PL
Xolay Ax (Dark Life Records / Digital Disorder) PL
Bongo (Hallabanaha) PL
Kjub vs. Namrat (Wejherowo) PL
deSpool (AoV / V.illusion) PL
Kaliflower (Parvati Records / Insomnia Records) RUS
Kwieq (Hallabanaha) PL
Leszek Rakowski (Fading Colors) PL
Mabeat (Hallabanaha) PL
Mewa (Syndromm) PL
Strix (D-A-R-K / Triplag) CH
Swierszcz (Bedroom) PL
+ friends
Syndromm Project
Dark Life Records

Cube (Warsaw) PL
Divia (Gdynia) PL
Ginn ( PL
Zoom (Hardlights) PL
+ friends
The Nature Grow Festival is a completely independent initiative with the aim of broadening psychedelic culture.
During this three day festival you will be presented with a wide spectrum of activities and performances connected
with this culture. It will be a combination of sound, visual and spiritual experiences, which in connection with eachother
will create an inseperable unit. Especially for this occassion we will provide you with artists who have been a key part
in creating the psychedelic trance scene as well as promising up-coming artists and acts , both in Poland and abroad.
We have planned numerous performances and attractions which will complete this experience. The festival will start with
the setting of the sun on fifth day of the week... The final hour is not yet set and depends on the those who will be present
Fort Beniaminow - Beniaminow city near Warsaw (30km from centre)
Straight way from Warsaw (by a car - 20 minutes),
Bus number 705 from the city to the festival area.
Sound Styles
Entry fee
Entry fee
01 - 31 may...15 €
01 - 30 june...20 €
01 - 31 july...25 €
gate...30 €
Dark Life Records and friends...
+48 602 507 209
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