Mystical Ritual 2009 (Open Air festival)

Mystical Ritual 2009 (Open Air festival) 19 Jun '09, 21:00
Party flyer: Mystical Ritual 2009 (Open Air festival) 19 Jun '09, 21:00
Psychedelic weekend presented by Mystical Waves&Friends
live acts
NECROPSYCHO (Shaman Films Records, Brazil)
AODIOIBOA (Night Oracle Records, Germany)
SHADES OF GRAY (Beef Records, Australia)

audio pilots
PETRIX (TranceCarpathiArts, Ukraine)
SANDAL WOOD (Tribal Vision Records, Bulgaria)
ALAUTUN (Scared Evil Records, Austria)
PSYKOS (Psyence Records, Austria)
Djane Nem (Oxygen Records, Spain)
Condor (Magicsphere, Slovakia)
Sunset (Surface Tension)
Ondrej Psyla (Mystical Waves, Goblin Records)
Slater (Tribal Vision Records)
Plech (Tuesday Night)
Cejn (Zero Point)
Tranceformer (Yupisashi)
Martyzan (United Sound Experience)
MP (HedoniX)
Djane Lolla (Zero Point)
TMX (Slovakia)
Rahma (Biologic, Slovakia)
Psyself (Independent)

full colour atmosphere stage
SLN djs + special guests (Magors, Space Patrol) in many styles
raggajungle/drum and bass
Powered By
4kW turbosound/colour lights/laser/uv decorations

live acts
Ambient Drift (Independent)

audio pilots
PETRIX (TranceCarpathiArts, Ukraine)
Resolut, Skypper & S-cat + Tusha (Sukulent Sound, Czech)
Dwaid (Mandalight, Slovakia)
Peky (HedoniX)
Ondrej Psyla (Mystical Waves, Goblin Records)
Tranceformer (Yupisashi)
Kapca (Psyalaska Crew, Slovakia)
Plech (Tuesday Night)
H2O (Swazarm, C A R O V N A)
Chanzzee (
Darjeel (Independent)
Paq (Tribal Vision)
TranceCarpathiArts - UKRAINE
Elemental Deco Crew
Ivq String Decos
Videomasters by Koza, Kashmir
An open air party called Mystical Ritual 2009 (Open Air Festival).. Close Encounters is taking place at a deep forest camping site Všín (near Píbram) from Friday 19/June to Sunday 21/June.
He area is located in the middle of a forest about 3 Kilometers from Všín village. You can take lodgings in your own tent or in 2 beds rooms or in 4 beds luxury wooden sheds (see the reservation form on this page - valid until Friday 9pm).
Bathrooms and drinkable water will be available for free, and car parking is also taken care of. There is a swimming pool and a volleyball ground at the site, and the surroundings invite to both walking and bike trips.
The price of accommodation in huts is set at 150 CZK (EUR ~6.50) per person per night, the entry is 349 CZK (EUR ~15.00) for whole weekend and 199 CZK (EUR 10.00) for one night.
By car

From Pribram take road no.19 towards Plzen, when you enter Rozmital pod Tremsinem, turn right at the roundabout and continue towards Plzen and Vesin. Pass through Vesin towards Spálené poíí and Plze. After approximately 1500 meters take a sharp left turn and after 500 meters you have reached the destination..

From Plze take road E49/20 towards eské Budjovice, when you pass through Bamousek village turn left to road no.19 towards Píbram. Follow this road until Míšov village and through the forest. After 4500 meters from Míšov turn right, and after 500 meters you are there.
By bus

There are direct buses from Prague to Všín (Friday at 17.15 and 18.50 from Na knížecí bus terminal, Saturday at 11:00 from Zliín bus terminal). Buses go also from Píbram (Friday 18.17 and 19.52, Saturday 9.05 and 17.00) and from Plze (Friday 18.30, Saturday 7.45, 12.50 and 15.30).
There are also buses to Rožmitál pod Temšínem, from there you can walk some 4.5 km to Všín (follow the direction to Plze).
From Všín walk the main road towards Plze for some 2500 meters, then turn left to the access road to the Všín camping area, and after 500 meters you are there.
By train

The nearest train station is in Rožmitál pod Temšínem, about 7 km far from the party area. Not many trains go there, though. From the station head to the centre along the main road, turn right, then go straight at the roundabout (towards Plze), after some 4 km you will reach Všín village and after another 2.5 km through the forest turn left to the Všín camping site access road. In 500 meters you are there.

Das Festival MYSTICAL RITUAL 2009

Der fünfte Jahrgang des Festivals Mystical Ritual 2009 findet statt von Freitag 16.9. bis Sonntag 21.6.2009 im Erholungszentrum Všín (Kreis Píbram). Sie können auf dem multikulturellen Programm freuen!

Die Hauptszene ist von Luxor sound system vertonen (10KW). Sie hören hier Psychedelic Trance&Goa .Die nächste Szene wird die Stärke 5KW haben und ist von Silent Noise System gemacht. Silent Noise System spielt: electro, breakbeat, raggajungle, deephouse oder acid techno. Chill out macht in der Hütte Psyself mit seinem Qualitätston.

Sie sehen dort 3D Objekte, UV Leinens von Elemental deco crew und Boruta von Cybofunk.
Sie finden hier zwei Bars, ein Coctailbar und Spacebar von Mithras Temple.

Die Besucher haben eine Möglichkeit in den Hütten schlafen (doppelbett, dreibett und vierbett). Die Reservation ist nötig auf Hier gibt es auch der Platzt für die Zelte. Die Sozialräume, Trinkwasser und der Parkplatzt sind frei. Im Areal gibt es das Schwimmbecken und Volleyballplatzt.
recreation camp Vešín (near Pribram)
Entry fee
Entry fee
15 Euro 2 days
10 Euro 1 Day
mystical waves and friends
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