Moon Mountain X'mas party!

Moon Mountain X'mas party! 24 Dec '11, 10:30
Party flyer: Moon Mountain X'mas party! 24 Dec '11, 10:30
Line Up
-Andoga (Iguanaloco/CH)
-Scotty (VuuV/DE)
- Sabaii Sabaii (Spirit Zone/TH)
-Jacky (Ooze Bar/TH)
-Goa Gummy (PsyHead Community BKK/TH)
-Radzy (Epic Tribe/Malaysia)
-Cacofonix (Vantara Vichitra recs,Quantum frog/India)
-KeyMasta (Singapore)
-PsychonerdDax (Singapore)
-SpiritMoon (UK)
-Beat-Chop (2to6 records/IR)
-Liquidroom (paraluna rec./ Ananda tribe records,DE)
-Ariopa (Singapore)
-Iznougoud &Saunabad (Finland)
-Xanta (ultravision records/Ibiza)
-Smashed (3rd eye vision)
-Set & Setting (DE)
-Tsunamix (CH)
-Mind Salad(Dark Forest Productions, Australia)
-Sound Forest(india)
our line up is closed.
-Tommy Rocker
-Papa (singing)
Ooze bar
Epic tribe
for anyone who cant find ooze bar...
ooze bar is in soi rambutri a few block away from kaosarn road.opposite the Cha-na-song-kram temple...easy to notice just walk along from kaosarn road pass to police station then keep walking down til you see soi rambutri. there are many food shop around the corner then turn right and ooze bar is on the left handside.we open at 11pm-3am...hope to see you soon
you can buy the ticket now.

This is one of the famous Trance Party in Thailand, possibly one of the famous in the world of underground parties.

Blessed by Papa Fullpower and Dj.Jacky head of OOZE BAR family. This party is organized on the raft,, (usually after the party all people will call it Magic Raft.. come and find out why) In the virgin and unknown location in the middle lake of the lake in kanchaburi.

This party have hosted many famous djs and artist such as. Dj.Sabaii Sabaii, Dj.Scotty, Dj.Jacky, Dj.Lueng,Dj.Cacofonix,Dj.N​ Stomp,Dj.Radzy and the lists goes on..

Artists such as,Samadhi( hopefully he'll join us again this x'mas), Full Face, ,Psychoson and the lists goes on.

Journey starts from meeting point in Bangkok.. then we travel in the same bus. take same trip to kanchanburi,, get on the magic raft.. celebrate.. and
return to bkk in the same private bus.

-though we have blankets and pillow for you.. but maybe you better take your warm clothes along with you.
-you may take your own hammock
-you can take your own drinks along with you but it would be great if you buy something from the bar to keep the organizers and djs alive..
-you can take your tent there are place on the mountain to put your tent.
-mosquito replinisher.
-rolling papers.
-make sure you bring more than 1 lighters.
-some snack or food
-note book + pen to note down your new friend e-mails.
-toilet papers
-and up to u. and always bring your good spirit with you.

-Do not expect for luxury bedroom or toilet.we all just live with nature.
-Rest well before coming to party.(as you need to be full power for dancing and swimming)
-If you are allergic or need any special care tell us before( we will give papa to take care of you)
-better keep your luggage at your guest house or service shop better lets them take care of it.
-make sure you bring enough of money as there is no ATM on the raft and we do not accept any credit card or otherwise,you have to work for us :D
- Trust me bring only the things needed. -
hidden lake of Kanchanaburi, up to the mountain then we will take the raft house along the lake to our serect place :)
Entry fee
Entry fee
2'500 THB
ooze bar
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