Moon Mountain Kanchanburi : Christmas · 25 Dec 2010 · Kanchanburi (Thailand)


Moon Mountain Kanchanburi : Christmas

· Over: 11y 9m
Line Up
Live : Andoga (CH)
DJs : Scotty (Vuuv Experience / DE)
Sabai sabai (Spirit Zone / TH)
Jacky (Ooze bar / TH)
Bombadil (CH)
Yzdar ( Epic Tribe/ MY)
Oddicon (Epic Tribe /MY)
Cacofonix (Vantara Vichitra recs,Quantum frog/India)
NStomp (Purple Hexagon / SG)
Rainbow Efreet (FR)
Masami (JP)
Oleg (Ozora)
Beat-Chop (2to6 records/IR)
PsyAtmah (Geomagentic/Ooze/TH)
This party is limited 100 seats only. No more than that. we will update here how many seats left.
can pay via paypal. plase confirm your seats as soon as possible.

01.11.2010=>2 confirm 98 left..

Hello. .This is the party we do every year to celebrate music, friendship and love.
we welcome all the friends who can come. the entrance is 2300 baht which includes bus from bkk to kanchanburi and back to bkk.

the party takes place on the raft... in the lake by the side of the mountain.

what you have to do before coming to this party is keep fit,, because there will be many parties in this month. : )
you must also bring your own blanket, medicine. and your own first aid kit.

This is pure party,, full power : ) Music is psychedelic trance only. Progessive, full-on, dark, chill. etc.

Party is very limited 100 people. so book early.
In the Lake Of Kanchanaburi
2300 Baht
OOZE BAR Family.
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