Midi Electronic Music Festival 2016

Midi Electronic Music Festival 2016 9 Jun '16, 20:00
Party flyer: Midi Electronic Music Festival 2016 9 Jun '16, 20:00
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The MIDI Electronic Music Festival is taking place during the Dragon Boat Festival from June 9-11 at MIDI Taihu Festival Camp. The festival features international artists, including:

Ellen Allien [facebook.com]
Florian Meindl [facebook.com]
Sulumi x Covox [facebook.com]
Peer Kusiv [facebook.com]
Rob [facebook.com]
Netsky [facebook.com]

And many many more...

Even when the music stops, the fun won't. Festival goers can enjoy Taihu Beer, extreme sports, outdoor movies, graffiti artwork, a wall climbing competition, an outdoor pool and free camping.

Please scan the QR code to buy tickets:
Gelin County Garden aka Camp Midi Taihu Lake
Qidu town, Wujiang district
Entry fee
Entry fee
Early bird: 300RMB
Per day: 180RMB Presale
200RMB Doorsale
3 Day Pass: 380RMB Presale
450RMB Doorsale
The Mansion
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