Lost in Paradise **The CarniVaL** · 12 Jan 2017 · Pattaya City (Thailand)


Lost in Paradise **The CarniVaL**

Festival · CANCELED
· Over: 5y 8m
Line Up
**Main Stage**

Live Act (More to be confirm)

☆Andoga (Iguanaloco /Switzerland)
☆Atoned Splendor (Goa Production/Spirit Tribe –UK)
☆Fungus Funk (Pixan Recs /Sangoma Recs - Russia)
☆Sychotria (Ayuma Recs - Brazil) *Exclusive Live set*
☆Whiptongue (Looney Moon Recs - Brazil) *Exclusive Live set*


DJs Set (More to be confirm)

Abstract (Purple Hexagon Recs- Indonesia)
Actarus (Maharetta recs- France)
Auxyztha (Thailand)
Boom Shankar (BMSS Recs / SUN festival – Germany)
By the rain (Epic tribe/BMSS Recs –Turkey)
Caro Sunshine (Gaggalacka – Germany)
Damnedge (Epic tribe/Belantara – England)
Dan (151 Recs - Wales)
Goa Gummy (Psyhead Community –Thailand)
Hugo Nation (Twenty4Seven Records/ England)
Jacky (Moon Mountain –Thailand)
Jack de Jackal (Psyhead Community – Thailand)
John Lee (Lost project –Thailand)
Kikx (Purple Hexagon Recs – Italy)
Meik (Germany)
Mellow Monks (Space Trax Recs - Germany)
Mong (Psyhead Community - Thailand)
NOTE (Magic Phangan Recs-Thailand)
Oddicon (Vantara Vichitra / Purple Hexagon Recs – Malaysia)
Param (Psyhead Community – Switzerland)
Paradrew (Germany)
Paranarchy (Germany)
Patt (F.M.P Tommy Resort – Thailand)
Puffer P (Psyhead Community – Thailand)
Pzychobiz (Moon Mountain – Thailand)
Psyfrog (F.M.P Tommy / Magic Phangan Recs – Thailand)
Radzy (Epic Tribe/Belantara/BMSS Recs-Malaysia)
Sabaii Sabaii (Spirit Zone Recs-Thailand)
Soniya (Earthfest Revolutions –Taiwan)
Suddha(Purple Hexagon Recs-England)
Taktruma (BMSS recs - Germany)
Ton (F.M.P Tommy Resort – Thailand)
Tsunamix (Freak Recs - Switzerland )
Yuya (Antu recs –Japan)


**Alternative Stage** (More to be confirm)

Babus (Epic tribe / Belantara - Malaysia)
By the rain (Epic tribe /BMSS recs-Turkey)
Pzychobiz (Moon Mountain - Thailand)
Tom Donmoung (UK)
Tommy Rocker (Thailand)
Triptek (Wales)
Hybrid UV (Goa - India)

Altered Vision (Malaysia)
Lost project proudly present 4th edition of LOST IN PARADISE**The CarNivaL** @ Viharn Sien Valley (same venue), Pattaya City/Thailand

First of all, we would like to thank you to all of you guys who support us from the very beginning of Lost in paradise festival . We appreciated that and really look forward to see everybody again in this **CarniVal Edition**

For this edition , you will experience the new style of Psychedelic festival with Thai 's CarniVaL style (Only in Thailand)

Our festival was create by the essencial of psychedelic tribal gathering which is FAMILY !!
No matter where are you from..We are unite !!


□□Music genre□□
Chill out
Full On morning
Full On
Dark Psy
□□Deco Team□□

○Hybrid UV (Goa - India)

○Altered Vision (Malaysia)
□□Performance & Activity □□

○Fire Dancer Show : Bangkok jugglers and spinners

○Juggling and Pois Workshops : Bangkok jugglers and spinners

More to be announce

Main Stage • Alternative Stage • Camping area • Camping-car area • Village market (Bars-Restaurants-Shops) • Info point • 24 hours Toilets • Showers • First Aid • Security •
***Ticket Price***
○Early bird ticket phase 1 ( 1-31 Aug) @ 2,200 THB
○Early bird ticket phase 2 ( 1-30 Sep) @ 2,500 THB
○Early bird ticket phase 3 ( 1-31 Oct) @ 2,700 THB
○Early bird ticket phase 1 ( 1 Nov -10 Dec) @ 2,800 THB
○Gate price : 3,000 THB

Remark: Ticket price is not include shuttle bus ticket

** No refund for ticket**
□□Shuttle bus info□□

We will offer shuttle bus from Bangkok to the venue & free shuttle taxi from pattaya to the venue

○Route 1 (From Bangkok)
***Bangkok (Khaosan Road) >> Venue
Ticket Price : 150 THB ( return 300 THB)
Departure: 12 -Jan-2017
Time: 11.00 am

○Route 2 ( From Pattaya )
***Mimosa ( Opposite Ambassador Hotel) >> Venue
Price : Free of Charge
Depature : TBA

□□Travel to festival□□

Pattaya, 147km southeast of Bangkok, is one of the easiest cities to get to, as it is well connected via Highway 7 (Motorway) and Highway 3 (Bangna-Chonburi route).

Several long-distant buses depart from Bangkok’s Eastern Bus Terminal (Ekamai) every half hour. And should you wish to arrive in style, you can even fly from Suvarnabhumi International Airport to U-Tapao Airport in Sattahip


Make sure you bring enough cash with you because there is no ATM and we don't accept credit card.

Must Take

- Tents and Sleeping Bag
- Toilet paper
- Hammock
- Flash lights
- Anti Mosquito sprays
- Jacket or Warm Cloth ( Weather is cold at night )


Shops and Market :

- More info about Shop Stands booking please contact


For more information please contact us:

Email : lostfestival1@gmail.com

Look forward to get LOST with you again !!

Viharn sien Valley , Pattaya City ,Thailand
Early bird ticket phase 1 ( 1-31 Aug) @ 2,200 THB
Early bird ticket phase 2 ( 1-30 Sep) @ 2,500 THB
Early bird ticket phase 3 ( 1-31 Oct) @ 2,700 THB
Early bird ticket phase 1 ( 1 Nov -10 Dec) @ 2,800 THB
Gate price : 3,000 THB
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