Kundalini Festival 2018 - Ed.Vôo da Serpente

Kundalini Festival 2018 - Ed.Vôo da Serpente 31 Jan '18, 08:00
Party flyer: Kundalini Festival 2018 - Ed.Vôo da Serpente 31 Jan '18, 08:00
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Anoebis & Skeleton Hex (Long set 10 hours )
Battle of the future buddhas (Sweden).
Shiva Om ( Ukraine )
Lacerta ( Ukraine)
Amrita ( Ukraine)
Prog frog ( Ukraine )
Uttu ( Brazil )
Marambá ( Brazil )
Rica Amaral ( Brazil)

And much more...
Mimesis - Psychedelic Art,
Kundalini is one of the main festivals in Brazil, which is located on the land of canyons, near the national park Aparados da Serra, for adventures and explorers this is your way!

Its main musical focus is Goa Trance, but there is space for forest, dark and hi - tech. Beside that we have a chillout, where it usually plays Goa ambient and ethnic chill.

One of its differential is its healing space called aldeia renascer, this little village is a place for ancestral therapies, workshops and lectures, on the fields of psychedelic plants, organic food, and bio-construction.

" In the service of the planetary awakening "
Praia Grande / Brazil - The land of canyons.
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Entry fee
Kundalini Festival
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