Kuna Yala Full Moon Gathering

Kuna Yala Full Moon Gathering 9 Dec '11, 18:00
Party flyer: Kuna Yala Full Moon Gathering 9 Dec '11, 18:00
Line Up
ENTHEOGENIC (UK) - Universal Symbiosis Records
DYMONS (CH) - Elestial Music
THE LIGHT SHIFTER (CH) - Elestial Music
CRYSTAL MONKEY (CH) - Elestial Music
R2 (CR) - Looney Moon Records

More live acts to come :D
MI5 (UK) - Clueless Records geoparadise.org
Dj PHOBOS (IT) - Looney Moon Recs [looneymoon.com]
MASSERN (CR)- Psynomads [psynomads.com]
BLUE MAN (CR) - Psynomads [psynomads.com]
D-COSMIC (CR) - Psynomads [psynomads.com]
SHAMANU (DE) - Vor-land vor-land.de
FULL COLOR PROJECT (CR) - Psynomads [psynomads.com]
DJ PROPHET (CR) - Psynomads [psynomads.com]
DJ MARCODELIX (CR) - No Comment Records [psynomads.com]
OZZIDELIC (Panama) [facebook.com]
PEPA (Panama) [facebook.com]
DJ BAHR (ES) - Mimesis [myspace.com]
MURLIDELIC (Panama) - BPM [bpmglobal.org]
GIZZ ORO (Panama) - BPM [bpmglobal.org]
D'JK (Panama) - BPM [bpmglobal.org]
MOSS (AUS) - Zenon Records [zenonrecords.com]
is provided by the Kuna Tribe, everything is organic and totally sourced locally.
The Full Moon Gatherings are free, that said we are more than happy to accept donations to help fund the Indigenous Conference in the Tribal Gathering 2012.

We cover our expenses through bar sales, so please, leave your coolers and alcohol on the mainland. There will be food available at the restaurant or you are more than welcome to bring your own.

You should bring lots of drinking water, your tent or hammocks and a thin blanket or sheet.

IMPORTANT: These islands are in pristine condition, please help keep them that way. Take all of your rubbish home with you.

We should also point out that all our Full Moon Gatherings are free and the artists play for free. We try to book artists who are playing in or around Panama at other paid events, consequently our line-ups could change from time to time through the actions of these other events.


Getting there is very easy:

By Bus: Get the Colon Bus to Sabanita $3. Then another to Puerto Lindo $3 Finally a boat to Isla Mamey $3

By Car: Drive Corridor Norte towards Colon. Turn right in Sabanita towards Portobelo. Continue on the road through Portobelo to Puerto Lindo. Park and get one of the many boats to Isla Mamey. Ride sharing is strongly recommended, if you have a spare seat in your car or need one leave a message in the group Full Moon Gatherings in GeoTribe on our website.

However you decide to get here it is a good idea to let us know in advance then we can make sure there are boats ready for you in Carti and ensure that the restaurant has enough provisions.
Entry fee
Entry fee
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