Kodama Festival 2020

Kodama Festival 2020 6 Feb '20, 11:00
Party flyer: Kodama Festival 2020 6 Feb '20, 11:00
Line Up
🇮🇹 AlpsCore
🇲🇽 Arcek
🇧🇷 Baphomet Engine
🇧🇷 Bash
🇧🇷 Black Mandala
🇧🇷 Dalikaos
🇧🇷 Demonizz
🇨🇴 Drop Circus
🇧🇷 Genética
🇮🇹 Indacoruna
🇨🇷 JaguarVizions
🇧🇷 Kernel Panic
🇧🇷 Koballa
🇵🇱 Mirror Me
🇧🇷 Nando
🇧🇷 Neanderthal
🇧🇷 Necropsycho
🇦🇹 Obscurum
🇮🇹 Radice
🇮🇹 Radiruna
🇧🇷 Saimon
🇫🇷 Saru
🇧🇷 Summer Gods
🇦🇹 Xenrox

Based on the best Hitech Festivals around the world, the first edition of Kodama Festival is a new frontier of consciousness in Brazil!
Exactly location will be show soon!!
Entry fee
Entry fee

Free list for Argentina, Colombia and Japan.
Kodama Crew
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Sound Styles


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