Kala Yatra - Sri Lanka - 2022 - Open Air Festival · 16 Feb 2022 · Ranminithenna (Sri Lanka)

Kala Yatra - Sri Lanka - 2022 - Open Air Festival

Starts in 21d 15h
Line Up
Line Up
Diversified Local & International Artists - TBA
Kala Yatra - Journey Through the Passage of Time

As we evolve to a new age, we still linger in the past. We still admire the aesthetics that we created and resound some of it for the fast-changing future. With kala yatra we want to initiate the idea of combining old with the new to move forward towards a sustainable Sri Lanka.

We are an evolving species with needs and we innovate with nature and creativity. And to have a sustainable living mechanism helps us in the evolutionary timeline, to evolve more, and to grow with our environment. We want to create an eco-site for this timeline to exist and to explore the sustainable mediums for the betterment of Sri Lanka's future.

In a time like this when Sri Lanka is in need, as the youth, we take on the challenge to take our generation a step forward, to assist the economy and social growth of this country through sustainability.

We are a creative group that has been in the industry of event management and innovative merchandising. We have seen the lack of authenticity when it comes to Sri Lankan event culture and also innovation. We want to change that.

join us, as we celebrate life and take a journey through the passage of time!

Any information with regard to the festival entrance, the marketplace, accommodations, and even how to get there. Please e-mail us at: info@kalayatra.org

If you are an artist or any type of entertainer and want to be a part of the journey. As we accept all types of genres. Please e-mail us at: performance@kalayatra.org

You want to volunteer and do more, be a part of the crew in our vessel and you want to help us make this journey a reality. Please e-mail us at: support@kalayatra.org

Special Note: We have taken the necessary permissions from the Ministry of Health to host this event. And all entries will have to follow Sri Lankan Covid -19 guidelines to enter and also, we will be having a clinic stationed at the festival and necessary checks will be done at the entrance.
Ranminithenna Tele Cinema Village
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