High Mountain Gathering Vol-II 12 Apr '19, 10:30
Party flyer: High Mountain Gathering Vol-II 12 Apr '19, 10:30
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SADHU - SomA RItual Records - GERMANY - Live

Nelumbos - SomA Ritual Records - Lithuania - Live

Psy - Vitamind & Dirty Animal - SomA Ritual Records - Iran - Live

Kapital7 - dubai - Live

Kingurjapati - MAGICA REC. - INDIA

Cosmic Illusion - Strereofly Records - India

Mystic Traveller - SomA Ritual Records - India

SIDDHARTHA - StreoFly Records - India

Wicked Wierdo - Trisulam Tribe - India

Mrinal - independent - india

Airvoyant - Trisulam Tribe - India

Psycore Melo - Andhakara Records - India

THC Boy - SomA Ritual Records - India

Cosmic Sadhu - Taal Tantra Records - India

Chrono - Trisulam Tribe - India

Fractal Error - Trisulam Tribe - India

Jimmy - SomA Ritual Records - India

Shiva_Tandav - Bluelight_Rec - Nepal

Cactus - Blue Light Records - Nepal

Ghising - Independent - Nepal

Godspeed -Space Cat - india

DoubleDip - Space cat - India

Babadelic - AcidManiaC Records - Nepal

Alchemist - UEV_Records - Nepal

Underground - Independent - Nepal

The decoration Visual Mapping and Stage Concept By VJ Alchemist
A warm gratitude and welcome to all the travelers, healers, light workers, musicians, artist and beautiful souls around the globe. After the 1st edition of High Mountain Gathering we are exited to welcome you again on the 2nd edition of High Mountain Gathering.

High Mountain Gathering is a High Mountain ethnic tribal celebration that happens once a year regularly since ages where villagers around Mount Duralake region pilgrimages 3500 meters above sea levels to the top of the mountain on the first day of Nepali new year (ie: Baisakh 1st, April 14th), with a wish which they believe comes true if reached the peak. With the forest of the mountain all covered by varieties of Rhododendrons, wild spinach, berry, food and flowers they camp there for the night, harvest herb the next day and hike down to village and the mountain again rests in silence for the rest of the year gathering. The mountain is covered with snow for four months of the year yet snow can be seen for six months.
It is believed that once a son less Bhramin father of Nine daughter came and prayed the Mount Duralake goddess and was blessed with a son. After for the gratitude he built a temple there where people still pray.

High Mountain Gathering gives a majestic opportunity for the visitors to feel the culture of the mountains as it includes a trek of 6-8hrs to the mount Duralake peak through the local villages in the mountains and down to the forest rave next day where you rest or have fun in the gathering in the lap of cozy forest with warm music and peoples. After two nights and three days of music High Mountain drumming Shamans shamanic healing ceremony is followed to clean the aura and bad spirits. The gathering ends at hot spring where we heal the pain and stress of the body and mind with nature.

Come together to attend the Mystical hidden mountain celebration that is yet unfolded to hectic world.

-Gathering includes
#Two_Stages [#Main_Psy_Stage #Chill_Out_Stage]

#Environmental (#Recycling #Eductional

*** Please ensure to throw wastes at the alloted Garbage Bins ***
*** Avoid Using Substances on the Dance Floor and the Festival Premises ***
*** Please Carry Warm Clothes ***
*** Tents and home stays at the village are avaialable . Those Interested in social Volunteering can get in touch with us for registration ***
*** Please Keep the Mountains Clean And Green ***
*** Let the Music Speak ***

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Pokhara, “The Lake City” a paradise in Nepal
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High Mountain Gathering Vol-II
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High Mountain Gathering
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