Hidden World 2.0 · 11 Jun 2020 · Basel (Switzerland)


Hidden World 2.0

Line Up
Class reunion of: 💕😎💪
Sangoma rec.
Looney Moon rec.
Blacklite rec.
Harmonia rec.
Parvati rec.

Kabayun / Sangoma Records
Daksinamurti / Sangoma Records
Fungus Funk / Sangoma Records
Cosinus / Sangoma Records
Phobos / Looney Moon Records
F.O.G / Looney Moon Records
Axial Tilt / Looney Moon Records
Pantomiman / Looney Moon Records
Virtual Light / Zero1Music
Drip Drop / Harmonia Records
Kaba Drop
Oeschgobar / Independent
Stereoxide / BlackLite Records
Helber Gun / BlackLite Records
Dj Pollyfonika / BlackLite Records
Vertical / Parvati Records
Dsompa / Believe Lab
Parasense / Boom Shanka
Antagon / Damaru Records
Multiseed / TrickMusic
Digital Reflection / Unalome Records
Zero / Omega Delta
Pasa / Shiva Valley Records
Sebastian Kos / Antu / Propheti Records
Kunfanya / DarkDream Records
TamasKan / DarkDream Records
Braingineers / Independent
KellerKinder / Independent
DaGinga / Independent

+Special Guest
By: Looney Moon Records
Soundsystem: Lambda Labs QX3
More infos Soon on Facebook
(Pls use the Link)

New location, Forest, Mountains, beens and green gras.

Camping Area and Shops opens at Thursday 11.june 2020 at 4pm!
Sound starts at Friday 2pm

Camping, Shops, Food Corners, Bars, Chai Shop, CBD Shop, Chill-Out Zone, Fireplace. And and and ☉

Country's with benefits:💕
Guests from Mexico and Costa Rica will receive free entry! 💪😎
Simply have the respective passport at the entrance ready🍀

-No Entry for under 18 !
-have your Passport with you
-Friendly Security
-No Kids
-No Dogs
-No Drugs
Location Infos soon 💪😎
Green Gras🌿☘
Entry fee
Entry fee
Phase 1: 95 ChF
Phase 2: 105 ChF
Phase 3: 115.- ChF

Ticket Infos soon...
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