Hesperus Gathering Vol.3 · 18 Jul 2023 · Nafpaktos, Dipotama , Greec… (Greece)

Hesperus Gathering Vol.3

Nafpaktos, Dipotama , Greec… · Greece · Map
· Starts in 5m 7d
Line Up
~Oblium 7h , Labyrinthine Crew
~Kinetik Flux 6h , Twenty Five Rec
~Der Sandmann 5h , Anomalistic Rec
~Tzu Jan 5h , Sacred Sound
~Demonizz 5h , Twenty Five Rec
~Sectio Aurea 5h , Argot Digamma Music
~D.O.C. 5h , Sacred Sound,Xibalba Rec
~Phreneticus 4h , Sacred Sound
~Haemogoblin 4h , Order of The Knights
~Vox Fabri 3h , Wachuma Records ,Twenty Five Rec
~Trimurti 3h, Abstract meditation crew, Xibalba Rec
~Mirror Me 3h , Anomalistic Rec,Painted Chaos
~Freq36 3h , Fantazy Rec
~Dark Whisper 3h , Alice-D Rec
~Radice 3h , Labyrinthine Crew
~Indaco Runa 3h , PMM,Labyrinthine Crew
~Murukhan 3h , HippyFlip Rec
~Anacamptis Morio 3h , PMM
~The Pan Pipper 3h , Esoteric Warfare Rec
~ApeTech 3h , Knobs and Keys Rec
~Menterama 2,5h , Nutria Dance Rec
~Haemogoblin Vs Menterama 2h
~Okklumentim 2h , The Endless Knot
~Brain D.s.M 2h , Zenovoid Records
~RadiRuna 2h , PMM , Labyrinthine Crew
~Electric Sludge 2h , Freaky Knobs Rec
~Axcidus Abstrax 2h , Abstrax Rec,Black Out Rec
~Dead Cells 2h , Freaky Knobs Rec
~ChernoBeing 2h , Freaky knobs Rec
~Synaptic Madness 2h , Dark Dimension Rec
~Astridakini 2h , Fantazy Rec
~Teratom and Tollkirsche 2h , TTT Crew
~Eudaemon 2h
~Salti 2h
~DarKxel 1,5h , Abstract Meditation Crew
~Tempus Subcintus 1,5h , Abstract Meditation Crew
~Frecuency Antrum 1,5h , Abstract Meditation Crew
~Flavor Aid 1,5h , Abstract Meditation Crew
~Idioblast 1,5h , Abstract Meditation Crew
~Dark Lotus 1,5h , Abstract Meditation Crew
~Saadhuk 1,5h , Abstract Meditation Crew
~Sectio Aurea Vs Dark Whisper 1h
On our space you will find taps with drinkable water,eco-toilets and showers,food stads,bar and chai shop-smoothies,2 big camping area,karavan parking and our beautifull nature
Ticket price
Entry fee
Phases of presales :
_1 January till 15 February,
100 tickets ~ 90 euros each
_15 February till 1 April,
150 tickets ~ 110 euros each
_1 April till 15 May,
150 tickets ~ 130 euro each
_15 May till 1 July,
100 tickets ~ 140 euros each

Grab yours here : hesperusgathering@gmail.com
Hesperus Gathering
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