Hesperus Gathering Vol.2 · 29 Aug 2022 · Athens (Greece)

Hesperus Gathering Vol.2

Starts in 7m 1d
Line Up
Live sets:⬇️⬇️⬇️

-Aum Sector 2h (Darknox records)

-ApeTech 2h (Knobs and keys records)

-Audiokid Napping 3h

-Biomekanik 3h (Quintessence Records)

-Dark Whisper 3,5h (Alice D Records)

-Death Pilots 2h (Freaky Knobs Records)

-Dual Synthesis 4h

-Freq 36 3h (Fantazy Records)

-Glosolalia 6h (M.I.A. Recordings)

-Highko 5h (Blast Records)

-Irgum Burgum 3h (Psybaba Records)

-Inwuwei 2h (Anomalistic Records)

-Kerosene Club-<Shiva Dynamo> 5,30h (Temple Twister Rec.,<Tremors Underground>)

-Kinetik Flux 4h (Darknox Records)

-Looney 4h (Banyan Records)

-Lost Reflection 2h (Darknox Records)

-Megalopsy-<Abyss Ooze> 5h (Dark Prisma Records)

-Metahuman 3h (Knobs & Keys Records,Blackout Records)

-Mhakavaya 2h (Darknox Records)

-Murukhan 3h (Hippyflip Records)

-Necropsycho 3,5h (Alice D Records)

-Neverwaz 3h (Darknox Records)

-Ogoun 3h (Alice D Records)

-Orestis 3h (Celestial Textures)

-Oroboro 5h (Anomalistic Records)

-Paranoia Sector 3h (Darknox Records)

-Paratrip 3h (JFF Records,Psycho Asylum)

-Paul Karma 4h (Deviant Force Records)

-Radice 4h (Atman Rec.,PMM,Labyrinthine crew,The Endless Knot)

-Sectio Aurea 5h (Argot Digamma Music)

-Sepehraka 2h (Alice D Records)

-Setu Ketu 4h (Sacred Sound,Labyrinthine Crew,Absolut Shit)

-SilverDaze 2h (Freaky Knobs Records)

-Sishiva-<Diansis> 3h (Banyan Rec.,Lycantrop Rec.<Osom music>)

-Spaced Weirdo 2h

-Tao Salocin 3h (Power Of BPM,AstroFonik)

-Traumaticoma 3h (The Endless Knot,Psyko Records)

-Tzu Jan 5h (Psyko Records,Sacred Sound,Hyprid Records)

-Will O Wisp-<Mysterion> 6h (Osom Music)

-Xikwri Neyrra 8h (Twenty Five Records)

-Yaminahua - 4h (Interaural records)

-Zik 4h (Zik World)

-ZikOre 2h (ZikOre Music)

Special Dj Sets:

-Baba Boom 2h (Knobs & keys records,Popol Vuh)

-Crystal Cousin 2h

-Diablero 2h (Phrenetic Tales Records,Harmonic Vision project)

-Kerk 2h (Psychedelic Dream)

-OhmNitrix 2h (Sinister Frequency)

-Periergos 2h

-Psyonic 2h (Cyberbay Rec.,Jatadharya Rec.,Phrenetic tales Rec.)

-Teratom vs Tollkirsche 2h (TTT Crew)

-Urbek 2h (Darknox Records)

-Z. Experiment 2h

Welcome to Hesperus gathering, a trip to the mountains in a secret location will bring us all together, family , friends and travellers from all over the world!

Memories will be created with new and old friends , share stories , experiences , culture, ideas and most of all spread our message of unity and brotherhood!

We contribute to the maintenance of our location paying much attention to our garbage , so that we leave the place as we found it , with respect to our mother nature .

Bring your kids,bring your dogs responsibly and with an understanding of the natural environment.

Our location is a gorge crossed by the river Evinos in central-west Greece!

In our area you will find food shops,bar,eco toilets,big camping area,caravan parking and more..

"The mountain will be our host , the trees our shelter, the bright stars and moon our light!"

Experimental dark psycedelic and hi tech sounds will give you a trip to another dimension..

Bring only good vibes, smiles and let's get ready to jammin!!We are a small community so tickets will be limited , invite only your closest friends and family for this unforgettable experience.

We hope to see everyone on stage with a big smile and positive energy, more info very soon!!! Love and peace🙏🙏

👨🏻‍🎨Deco by:
Martin Marchef , Naturalgoritm & Hesperus team

👩‍💻Video mapping:
Sotols_Art and Tetral Vision

👨🏻‍🎤Sound system:
Funktion1 (whant sound?)

Sound massage
Spiritual healing(Eutopia project)

🔥🧙Fire show,Acro show
Art gallery(more info soon)

🏞️Secret location

⚡Limited tickets,,info:

Athens - exact location is 270klm from Athens - ask to hesperusgathering@gmail.com
Sound Styles
Ticket price
First phase:
🍁 <80 euros-200 tickets will last till 15 of March>
Second phase:
🍁 <100 euros-200 tickets will last till 15 of May>
Third phase:
🍁 <130 euros-200 tickets will last till 31 of July>
Forth phase and gate ticket price:
🍁 <150 euros..>
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