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Goadupa Festival 2016 21 Jul '16, 21:00
Party flyer: Goadupa Festival 2016 21 Jul '16, 21:00
Line Up

-Airblaster - PL (Airblaster Music)
-Airi - CH (2to6 Rec.)
-AngryLuna - FR (Ovni Rec.)
-Bartech – PL (Absurd Squad/Goadupa)
-Blue Planet Corporation - FR (Flying Rhino Rec)
-Brainiac – UK (Grasshopper Rec.)
-Damon – PL (Chillumafia/Goadupa)
-Deeh Djane aka Psique– BR (Hypnotique Rec.)
-Desert Dwellers - U.S.A (Twisted Rec./Black Swan Rec.)
-Ditch - PL (Medulla Oblongata)
-Dzida – PL (Cronomi Rec./Area 303)
-Ejczka – CZ (Polyhedra/UFO BUFO Festival)
-Harmonic Rebel – CY (Psynon Rec.)
-Havaya – PL (3D Vision Rec/Goadupa)
-Kace - PL (Cronomi Rec.)
-Kliment – BL (Zenon Rec.)
-Kuczer – PL (Cronomi Rec./Area 303)
-LovPact – FR (Hadra Rec.)
-Lunarave – FR (Ovini Rec.)
-Mabeat – PL (M.D.M.T.)
-Malice in Wonderland –AT (Blue Hour Sounds )
-Marcus Henriksson aka SON KITE – SWE (Home/Iboga Rec)
-Meff – PL (Egodrop/Goadupa)
-Mirror Me – PL (Zenon Rec/Anomalistic Rec)
-Naima Djane– AT (Sangoma Rec)
-Nois – PL (Egodrop/Goadupa)
-Nozyo – PL (Egodrop/Goadupa)
-Ochen – PL (Lesna Szajka/Medulla Oblongata)
-Plasmotek – FR (24/7 Rec.)
-Pitt – PL ( Magowie Psychedelicznej Nuty)
-Salvi - PL ( Fantazja)
-Silicium – PL (Medulla Oblongata)
-Space Element – PL (Freeshooter)
-Starf – CZ ( UFO BUFO TEAM)
-Styropian – PL (Psylesia)
-Tetrasound – PL (Maharetta Rec.)
-Tune Raider Djane– SA (24/7 Rec.)
-Treavor Moontribe – U.S.A (Neurobiotic/Iboga Rec.)
-Trip – PL (Egodrop/Goadupa)
-Wyrx – PL (Egodrop/Goadupa)
-Yaos –PL (Magowie Psychedelicznej Nuty)
-Zoe – PL (Stropharia Cubensis/Dzikuska OA)


-Abyss – PL (
-Acrm– CH (Hidra Beats Rec.)
-Alterra Project – UK (The Beats Bizzare)
-Antek – U.S.A (Burning Man Festival)
-Amani - U.S.A (Desert Dwellers/Liquid Bloom)
-Arayan – PL (Freeshooter)
-Asphodel – PL (Moon Unity)
-Bladzinsky – PL (Medulla Oblongata)
-Blue Planet Corporation - FR (Flying Rhino Rec)
-Bongo – PL (Hallabanaha)
-Chillumafia – PL (Liquid Frequency Rec.)
-CJ Art – PL (Joof Rec./Deepersense) - 4h live + djset
-Ditch - PL (Medulla Oblongata)
-Dominorr – PL (Magowie Psychedelicznej Nuty)
-Dubseed – PL (Dub Temple)
-Dub Therapist – PL (Natural Unite)
-EE’SH – UK (Illuminaughty)
-False Identity – UK (The Beats Bizzare)
-I Awake – SWE (Ultimae Rec.)
-Jah Bass – PL (
-Johnny Mandrake - PL (Fractal Forest)
-Kjub - PL (Medula Oblongata)
-Kliment – BL (Zenon Rec.)
-Kwah – UK (The Beats Bizzare)
-LEF aka ELF – PL (Stropharia Cubensis)
-Liquid Lounge – UK (Shanti Planti Rec.)
-Marion – PL (Ashoka)
-Matt Green – UK (Base Corrupt)
-Mayster – PL (Protokultura Gdańsk)
-Moondancer – PL (Quantum Digits Rec.)
-Nag Champa – PL (
-Paul Kwitek – PL (Existence Music/Hemisphere)
-Primal – PL (
-Sleeping Forest – FR (Hadra Rec.)
-Tara Putra – D (Gliese 581C Rec.)
-TeaTree – UK (The Beats Bizzare)
Goadupa Team:
Divided by Zero
Manadala Deco Team
Dear friends!

It gives us great pleasure to announce this year’s edition of Goadupa Festival. This year we will once again meet in the Natura Park Resort in the magical Bieszczady Mountains in Poland to celebrate life, art, music & alternative culture for 3 days and 3 nights. You are welcome to put it into your calendars and start the countdown.

This will be the second edition in the Natura Park Resort. We’ve taken all of your opinions into consideration and we are changing to bring you an even greater Goadupa Festival this year.
Apart from the jaw dropping views, this year’s programme holds over 100 artists, bands, djs, lecturers and other various performers that will allow you to enjoy the festival just the way you like it. We will bring you 2 musical stages packed with full variety of mind-blowing music: day, night, slow, fast, light, dark – you name it!

There will be beautiful art spanning across the terrain of the festival and of course a special gallery, a workshop & lecture area, a kids area, a healing area, a flea market with shops and great food, some other weird stuff , places and of course YOU! Because YOU creates the festival! So bring your dearest friends and always remember where you are and why you came here!
Enjoy nature, watch the beautiful sunsets, smell the air, take a stroll around the mountain, but do not access terrain which is off limits and of course… do not litter – keep it clean. Be respectful to nature and watch out for one another, dance your feet off, but also rest and enjoy yourselves responsibly.

The Goa Dupa & Natura Park crews, volunteers, our friendly security and paramedics will all be making sure that everyone is safe, feeling good and relaxed. If you need any help, never hesitate to approach us!

We are working on bringing you an experience to remember and want to make this festival as pleasant for you as possible. As always, campsite, showers and toilets are included in the entry price. The Natura Park crew has already been working hard on preparing the site for 2016 edition. Having said that, we still kindly ask you to be reasonable and not waste water!

If you’re not a big fan of tents and would prefer to rent a hotel room, there will be a very limited option to do so. Keep an eye out for more information regarding this - we will keep you posted.
Ticket prices will be announced very soon. Please remember that the festival has limited capacity so be quick to grab yours as they may sell out!
We hope to see you all very soon!!!

Love & Light
Goadupa Crew
Entry fee

(Available when the second presale is sold out or from 21.05 until 17.07 and on the Road to Goadupa Festival Promo Party in Krakow (21.05.2016) or until the Festival is sold out)
Price – 260 zł / 60 EUR - Available

AT THE GATE (if available)
Price – 300 zł / 70 EUR

Weekend Tickets (if available)
Price – 240 zł / 55 EUR

Tickets available here: []
Egodrop Productions
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