Global Chill-Out festival X · 6 Jul 2018 · Kuřimská Nová Ves (Czech Republic)

Global Chill-Out festival X

· Over: 4y 8m
Line Up

★ CHRONOS (Mystic Sound Records) [RU] ★


★ ESSENCE PROJECT (Auditory Relaxation) [IL] ★


★ SHIVANAM (ForSageOne) [CZ] ★


★ I-ONE (ForSageOne) [CZ] ★


★ AJIN [CZ] ★


Chlorophil [USA]
Gogi (Auditory Relaxation) [IL]
Elemental (Ufo Bufo team) [CZ]
Jonah Moses (WizArts) [CZ]
Muabi [CZ]
Maara Víc (WizArts) [CZ]
Ixtremist (Ufo Bufo team) [CZ]
Darjeel (Ufo Bufo team) [CZ]
Jirik (Shivadeco) [CZ]
Pangea (Shivadeco) [CZ]
Psychoteek (Shivadeco) [CZ]
Kubis (Indian Expres) [CZ]
Shivadeco, Elemental crew, Psyda Art - Uv Deco a Jewelery
Vj Steen
"Sunflower is a perfect combination of geometry, symmetry and harmony expressing the uniqueness and beauty of nature in the flow of cosmic time. Therefore, we have chosen sunflower as a symbol of this year. "

3. days of lovely music, workshops, tea, food, and world culture.


Project by a russian musician and a sound engineer, Nick Klimenko, founded in Moscow in 2004, combines different genres of electronic music, classical music motives, etno music, live vocals and recorded sounds of nature. Chronos is one of the most significant psychill/ambient projects in Russia, and besides numerous records released under different labels has played many times not only in Russia, but also for example at the Spirit Base festival in Austria. Since 2013 Chronos has been a residential project at parties under the Mystic Sounds Records label.

Juju Planet Dub
Jozef Hnidzík is a composer, musician and producer from Slovakia. Since his childhood, he keeps discovering the diversity of different music genres and new dimensions of ethnic musical instruments. His project Juju Planet Dub is a colorful mix of ethno world music and psychedelic electronic music, full of dub bass lines, and made even more magical with a live sitar and other ethnic instruments.

Essence Project
Chaim Mishali is an Israeli producent, who takes the listener on a sonic journey through psychedelic sounds of different kinds and influences. Melodic elements, made by synthetizers and analog instruments alike, together with his infinite imagination create a psychedelic universe you will fall in love with.

Shivanam is a multigenre band, combinig influences from world and ethno music with modern electronic music, chill out, dub and ambient. The project was founded in 1998 and since then many musicians have joined and left it - but still appear as quests. Over the years, Shivanam has played countless times in Czech Republic and also other European countries, including Boom festival 2014 in Portugal. 3 albums have been released so far, Sound Of Energy, Shivanam Live and this year - Shivaspace Experience.

Czechoslovak transcencendental psychedellic project, pulsating between organic tribal trance and cosmic ambient. Yedhaki:Nautika has played in metropols of almost all continents - as buskers. They have also played at many festivals around the world: TEDX Hybernia in Prague, FATT festival in Portugal, MUSAI festival 2016 in Romania, and also Aureora Borealis 2016 in Nepal.

A solo project of the founder of Global Chill Out festival, Ivan Jašek, will bring you harmonies and beats connecting eletronic music with elements from traditional ethnical music - inspired by the shamanic tradition, sounds of nature, overtone singing, but also by the world of electronic samples and various effects. With this project, Ivan Jašek has played around Europe, in Armenia and at Sri Lanka. He is also a founder of the Forsage One Label, which has released compilations of different Czech and Slovak independent authors of chillout music.

Slovak musician, composer and a producer Odrej Kalužák is like an amoeba, easily moving between electronic music, theatre soundtracks and live didgeridoo performances. You will be surprised by the organicness of his lightly experimental flow.

DJane Ajin has a long musical journey behind her - she began by playing the xylophone, piano and guitar, then moved on to mixing on a gramophone at the early drum’n’bass parties, and then finally arrived to the ocean of the cymbal and sitar and established herself as an author of ambient electronic music, influenced by psybient, chillout and house. You might have heard her sets at Brno’s chillout parties. She is also experimenting with nature recordings and different instruments.

Edgar Mojdl
Is a musical composer and multiinstrumentalist, who has studied composition at Jaroslav Ježek Conservatory and JAMU in Brno. He plays traditional instruments and percussions, exotic musical instruments - which he also occassionaly manufactures. His music is heavily influenced by his travels and also by the few years when he lived in Ethiopia.
Edgar Mojdl is a teacher of ethnomusicology and instrumentation at JAMU and MIDI composing at VUT. He is a member of projects Shivanam and Shivatrance, but also Dunami Ensemble, which specializes in aleatoric and conceptual compositions. He also collaborates on many projects of either composed or improvised contemporary music with Brno Improvising Unit and Brno Contemporary Orchestra. He is also a long-term composer of music for contemporary scenic dance.
At the festival you will have the chance to hear a fusion of ambient, chillout and downtempo music with some dub elements, spiced by a traditional japanese one-string instrument.

DJ Gogi
Guy Schneider is an Israeli producer, interested in music since his early childhood. He has recorded his first mixtapes when he was eight years old and since then both his passion for music and his multi-genre music collection has been growing.
He began as an organizer of house parties for his friends, playing just for the joy of it, and later he became a residential DJ for Besarabia Bar in Jerusalem. His sets, however are still a colorful mix of psybient/psychill and downtempo.

This DJ is definitely not new to Czech psytrance scene. He is also a member of the Ufo Bufo Festival team and with his crew, Elemental, makes UV active decorations. His chillout sets are always a selection of the best from the present-day psybass scene.

Jonah Moses
Jonah has been active in the Czech psytrance scene since 2011. He is a passionate musician, multiinstrumentalist, improviser, but also a listener. He plays didgeridoo, synthentizer and the accordeon actively - he even plays in a klezmer band. All this heavily influences also his electronic music. He is also a member of the Wiizzarts deco crew and together with his wife makes string art and UV active decorations.

Muabi plays a very interesting mosaic of transcendental ambient, psyambient, chillout and other genres, combining different sources of inspiration. It is hard to say whether his music is real or a dream sometimes, but it is very clear it will not be hard to get lost in the vibration of his music.

Maara Vic
This DJ is well known from the Jádro Pudla duo - the other half of the duo is Jenda Legenda. He always brings a high-quality combination of psychedelic sounds, tribal motives and strong bass lines.

Ixtremist is like a fish, swimming from under the psybass stones through dark, acidic currents right to the vortex of dark progressive or zenonesque, but he is not afraid of more meditative grounds, where he also uses his own recordings from the nature. He is also a member of the Ufo Bufo festival team.

This Slovak DJ has a great intuition, allowing him to make his music the perfect soundtrack for the actual mood at the party. As the old super-continent Pangea, combinig all the todays continents, he is also inspired by all corners of the world - including Slovakia. He is also an active member of the Shivadeco crew.

Kubis was drawn to music since his early years. he started playing the flute when he was 6 years old, but very soon he grew passion for the drums, which gave him his future direction. He started playing big gigs with his jazz band when he was 15 and after started his own jazz-fusion trio and then as a DJ experimented with classical indian music mixed with broken electronic beats. ‘
When he was 20, he moved to Brno and joined a few already existing ethno projects. He also started DJing at festivals and in clubs, which opened a new door for him. Now he has his own project - Indian Express - chillout and psytrance mixed with, and influenced by, classic indian musical instruments and ethno music, with live percussions and electro pad Handsonic HPD-10.

And more Dj´s, live acts, performances, interesting workshops and talks, land art, UV deco, dancing, yoga, massages, fireshow, shamanism, rituals, organic food, tearooms, bars and amazing atmospher
Penzion Slunečnice
Entry fee
Entry fee
1. WAVE - from January to 20.4. - 550,- Kč (23 Euro)
2. WAVE - from 21.4. to 3.7. - 650,- Kč (27 Euro)
At the gate 800 Kč (33 Euro)
Ivan Jašek (I-One, Shivanam, Shivatrance, ForSageOne)
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