Glia Gathering 18-24 aug

Line Up
Fatal Discord (WildSeven / Japan)

Psykovsky (Osom / Russia)

Enichkin (Mind Expansion / Russia)

Frantic Noise (Dark Prisma / Argentina)

Megalopsy (Dark Prisma / Argentina)

Will-O-Wisp (Dark Prisma / Argentina)

Hutti Heita (Yggdrasil / Norway)

Whrikk (Sanaton / Holland)

Molchun (Sonic Chakras / Russia)

Bodhi (2to6 Recs / Psycircle / USA)

Kaos {Goanmantra / Greece)

Mind Oscillation (Deviant Force Rec / Greece)

Audiosyntax (JFFR / Germany)

Looney (Mental Sauce /Digital Yonkies / Greece)

Zuvuya (Quantum Frog / Akashik / USA)

Stigma (Greece)
Ankur (Lost Theory Rec / Berlin)

Milosz (USP / Switzerland)

Stealth (Sonic Chakras / Russia)

Jairam (Real Vision Music /Lost Theory / Berlin)

Lueder (Berlin)

Kazulu (Alice D / Berlin)

DNS (Mitnal / Berlin)

Pannick (Dark Prisma / Greece)

Trikoze (Bulgaria)

Fractaliceanu (Romania)

Trans Humantza (Romania)

Mano (Romania)

Copkilla (Romania)

Tudor (Rebirth / Romania)

Oracol (Romania)
Naturalgoritm (Romania)
+all nature loving decorists are welcome to contribute
An international team of dedicated and open-hearted individuals meets in Romania to create this pure and light gathering materializing what we all feel we'd like to experience: a coming together of free people from around the world in a beautiful natural location in the mountains unifying forces and energies in order to create a trans-dimensional universal Portal, an ark to travel through the Now on the infinite waves of vibration, no destination only depth.

GLIA stands for Earth, Roots, Unity with the Whole as Foundation of a complete Experience of All in the Now. GLIA is LOVE.

To create this experience, we come up with a new structure that will meet our intention: we made the festival last for a week so that we get the chance to meet first, laugh, work and create together, as a group with a common vision that we feel we are. There will be no electricity during this stage, only instrumental music, sounds of sparks from the fire, wind blowing in the pine trees, water flowing, birds singing, wolves howling... its a stage of opening our hearts to share love, to feel the gentle touch of the Universe in every action we do and everything we create. We encourage each one of You to do whatever You feel, be it natural decoration, a bridge towards a secret spot in the forest, food, shelter, main stage, workshops, anything you always waited for to teach to others or share with others.

The second stage of the gathering is the Celebration of this week long experience, when we light up Our Creation and make it spin for 3 days, creating this powerful Portal that will blow us open meet the All. If you feel these words resonating in your heart, you are part of Glia and a member of the Ark. Welcome :)


35eur 15th March - 31 March
40eur 1.April - 31 May
50eur 1.June - 31 July

Bank :
Tudor Chiliman
ING BANK NV Amsterdam – Sucursala Bucuresti

Tudor Chiliman
ING BANK NV Amsterdam – Sucursala Bucuresti
IBAN: RO54INGB0000999900705517



*** At the Gate there will be 2 prices depending on the level of involvement that is given by the day of your arrival, we want all of you to be part of the whole gathering from the beginning and we make this clear in this way: 60eur monday 18th August, 65eur from tuesday till the end, sunday 24th August *****

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