FUNFest · 21 Sep 2007 · São Gião Camping - Oliveira… (Portugal)



São Gião Camping - Oliveira… · Portugal
· Over: 15y
Line Up
Live Acts

Neuromotor (Fr) (Medusa-Records / Mechanik-Records)
Presentation of his new album "Planet in Danger" that will be out by Medusa Recs.

NEW - Penta (Rus) ( AuraQuake Records )
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Electrocult (Fr) (1ªVez em Portugal) – (Mechanik-Records)
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Decerto (Gre) (1ªVez em Portugal) (Discobole Rec)
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Xenzodiak (Medusa Records)

Myrah (Psyart / Workstation / Happy Minds / Swing)

Digitalphase (Good Trance)

Brainwash (Central Dogma Rec. / Shiva Space Japan / Happy Minds .com )

Digital E-Motion (Cortex prod / Crystal Visions Rec.)

Psilocybe Project (Namaha Records)

Nazka (Cortex prod / Odning Rec)

Charade (Cortex prod / Moonblast prod)

Evilcore a.k.a. Shakri(Happy-Minds / Moonsun Records)

Mind Expander (Astrologic / Fungi Records )

Dioxid (Acid Beat Rec.) - Apresentação oficial deste projecto!!!

Telepathic Vision ((Union Rec / Animatech Rec) - Live P.A.

Methodic Marble (Psylosophy.rec / Madhause Rec.)
Special Back to Back Versus - Electrocult vs Neuromotor

Neuromotor (Fr) (Medusa-Records / Mechanik-Records)

Electrocult (Fr) (1ªVez em Portugal) – (Mechanik-Records)

Decerto (Gre) (Discobole Rec)

Alienn (Materia Rec. / Medusa Rec. / Via Lactea Prod.)

Juggler (Crystal Matrix Rec /

Dr. Who? (Cortex prod)

Ganeisha (Moonsun records/

XaMã CirKus (Trishula / Kabrathor)

Sonik vs Pingo (Sonik&Friends)

Mustapha (Urban Antidote / Moonblast prod.)

DJ Abhay (Vision Tek)

Maraxis (

Vitesse (Magic Vibes)

Piranha (Cortex prod)

Manipulated (Startrip Rec.RDA)

Magic Vibes (Magic Vibes)

Psyonic (Magic Vibes)

Polar (Independent)
Chill Out - Live

Shakri (Happy-Minds / Moonsun Records)

This Connection (Free Recordings u.k/F.I.E.S.A

Chill Out - Dj Set

Juggler (Crystal Matrix Rec / Chai

Ganeisha (Moonsun Records/Swing music agency/

Xana Project (Ajana Rec U.K.)

Yurin (Cortex prod)

Sattva (Swing / Psyart)

DJ Abhay (Vision Tek)

Wakitxana (Ruvi Prod. / Wakitxhead Label)

Maraxis (Ruvi Prod. /

Madha (Ruvi Prod.)

Psycahontas (Ruvi Prod.)

Snet Biri (Wakitxhead Label / Ruvi Prod.)

OP (Startrip Rec.RDA)
Main Floor - Happy Chaos
Chill Out - Wacky Farm

Visuals by: vj DeluDe
Opening Act - Live Concert

THIS CONNECTION (Free Recordings u.k/F.I.E.S.A
Electronic united with tribal is a powerful connection. Three musicians accompanied with the australian singer Samantha Rian will make a memorable act, transporting us to a magical and peaceful world….

River Beach – Amazing conditions for refreshing in the clear waters of rio Alva, with a huge sandbox and an island, perfect for embracing the sun!

Performances – Juggling, fire and other performance artists will have FUN and sparkle magic and good vibes through out the festival.

Bar & Restaurant – Nobody can have FUN with an empty stomach.

Parking – Illuminated place under surveillance where you can safely let your car rest during your stay at FUNFest

Eco Team – A green team will keep your eyes and happy feet from someone’s trash!
Nature is Freedom! Keep yourself free!

Free Camping

Free water

Free fresh fruit in the morning
São Gião Camping - Oliveira do Hospital

From Lisbon: A1 >> Exit in Coimbra Norte and take IP3 (direction Viseu) >> Exit towards IC6 (Direction Oliveira do Hospital/Arganil/Covilhã) >> Keep heading in N17 (direction Oliveira do Hospital) >> 200m after the crossroad to Oliveira do Hospital turn right to S. Gião and follow the FUN arrows

From Porto: A1 >> Exit in Aveiro and take A25 (direction Viseu/Guarda) >> Exit in Celorico da Beira and take N17 (direction Seia/Gouveia/Coimbra) >> Exit left in Torrozelo (10 km after Seia) to Sandomil/S. Gião and follow the FUN arrows!

From Spain: A25 >> Exit in Celorico da Beira and take N17 (direction Seia/Gouveia/Coimbra) >> Exit in Torrozelo (10 km after Seia) to Sandomil/S. Gião and follow the FUN arrows!
Full ticket – €20
After 21h Saturday – €15
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