FREE EARTH FESTIVAL · 20 Jun 2013 · Ancient Olympia - Peloponese (Greece)


Party Flyer FREE EARTH FESTIVAL 20 Jun '13, 16:00
Party Flyer FREE EARTH FESTIVAL 20 Jun '13, 16:00

ANTONIO vs MAN IN FEST (Dreamland, Earthdrop Fest - GR)

AUDIOFORM (Blacklite Rec - GR)

ASIMILON (Bom Shanka Rec - UK)

ATRIOHM (Parvati rec - FYROM)

BALLIOU (Artificial Melodies, Amorphia - GR)

BRAINCELL (Boom! Rec - CH)

CONFO (DiscoValley Rec - GR)

DARK ELF (DJ Set, DiscoValley Rec, Sonic Loom - GR)

DENDROBATES (Sonic Loom Rec - GR)

DION (Liquid Minds - GR)

DJANE ZOI (Free Frequency, Sourcecode Rec - GR)

DOC (Harmonia Rec - GR)

DR SAMMY (Blacklite Rec, Amorphia - GR)

DRURY NEVIL (Sonic Loom Rec - GR)

EARTHLING (Zero1 Music - UK)

EL MAHICO (Amorphia - GR)


FULL FACE (Pixan Rec - GR)


GIUSEPPE (Parvati Records - IT)

JORDAN (Etnicanet - GR)


KOXBOX (Twisted Rec - DK)

KULU (Sonic Loom Rec - GR)

MARTIAN ARTS (Neurobiotic Rec, Phantasm Rec - GR)

MINDPHASER (Natural High - GR)

NIKOS LL (Liquid Love - GR)

ORDO AB CHAO (Sonic Loom Rec - GR)

PAUL KARMA (Discovalley rec, Zourlia rec, Pukkawallah - GR)

P_MAC (Tree Of Life - AU)

PSYCHOSON (Sonic Loon Rec, Triplag Rec - GR)

PSYMMETRIX (Bom Shanka Rec - UK)

RASTALIENS (Pharpsyde rec - CH)

SENSIENT (Zenon Rec - AUS)

SOFIA X (Discovalley Rec - GR)

SONER (Artificial Melodies, Digital Yonkis Rec - GR)

SPIROS WOM (Phantasm Rec, Amorphia - GR)

SOTOKKAN (Sonic Loom Rec - GR)

TALAMASCA (Dacru Rec - FR)

TIM DUSTER (Sunstation Records - FI)

TRANSWAVE (3D Vision Rec - FR)

TRISTAN (Nano Rec - UK)

TROMO (Sonic Loom Rec - GR)

UNDERVERSE (Natural High - GR)

U-RECKEN (Tree Of Life, Dacru Rec - ISR)

ZEN MECHANICS (Sourcecode Rec - NL)

ZOOLOG (Parvati Rec - DK)

Z-CAT (Ultravision Rec - RUS)

& more Artists to be Announced soon

AENEAS (Kaya Funk Tribe-GR)
AURA (Organic Dream - GR)
C.OP (It Rec - GR)
CYBER HIPPIE (Akida Promo - GR)
DAOINE SIDHE (Sonic Loom - GR)
EXOSOMATIKA (Exosomatika Rec - GR)
FISHIMSELF (Ultimae Rec, It Rec - GR)
I.MIKE (Akida Promo - GR)
JUNIOR X (It Rec - GR)
MICROSTATIC (D.P.S Production - GR)
MR GOBLIN (Amorphia - GR)
NICK PALL (Amorphia - GR)
ODIOLAB (Audio Ashram - GR)
OPTIMUS (Natural High - GR)
QSES GEORGE (Electrocaine Radio - GR)
PSYDSTEP (Metaverse Media - SA)
PURA (Save The Rave - SRB)
SATNAPAR (Radio Q37 - GR)
SONIC BLASTER (Akida Promo - GR)
SOTOKKAN (Sonic Loom - GR)
STANGER TASOS (Flippin Radio - GR)
TAOR (Mother Earth - GR)

& more Artists to be Announced soon
Visual Arts by the Master: El Geko (Optical Matrix - AU) & More ...
Amazing decorations by Vortex Trance Adventures, BOTN & much more
Free Earth is a collaboration of like-minded dedicated Psychedelic Freedom Fighters determined to bring back the vibe to the outdoor party scene. A new family gathering at an amazing camping river beach location in Greece !!!


Free Earth NGO, organizer of festival, is a unite effort from Vortex, Amorphia and Alfios River Festival, for the protection and development of Alfios' basin, and the nationwide promotion of its issues. The music events feauture many Greek & International well known artists and music groups. The attendants and visitors have the chance to be informed on voluntary actions and to take part in interactive workshops about ecology, art and philosophy along with participate in many sports in Alfios river (Kayak, Hydrospeed, ect.).

Alfios River Festival, is organized with great success from 2009 until today with particpations of thousands of people, and he festival is carried out with the support of prefecture of Ilia and many NGOs.

Vortex Trance Adventures have produced outdoor festivals in Cape Town/South Africa for the last 18 years. Producers of the SA2000 Millennium Festival & the SA2002 Total Solar Eclipse Festival, their parties have been instrumental in the development of the pumping South African scene []

Amorphia are pioneers of the Greek scene. From 1995 organizing some of the biggest events in Athens & Greece. Amorphia made a powerful comeback in 2010 and their events definitely have a great impact to the Hellenic dance culture since the 90s. []


The solstice marks the beginning of summer in the Northern Hemisphere. The word solstice derives from Latin sol (sun) and sister (to stand still). The 21st June is a very important day for our planets relationship with the sun. It is also the festival of Li, the Chinese Goddess of light. This is a time to celebrate growth & life. Allhough the Summer Solstice is but an instant in time, this date has had spiritual significance for thousands of years iinvolving holidays, festivals, gatherings, rituals & celebrations.

It is the longest day of the year and the time when the sun is at its maximum elevation. A solstice is an astronomical event when the Sun's apparent position in the sky, as viewed from Earth, reaches its northernmost extremes. The apparent movement of the Sun's path north comes to a stop before reversing direction.

At the Summer Solstice Pagans honor the incredible strength of the sun and the divine powers that create life. Humans have always been amazed by the great power of the sun, in particular with the Mid-Summer Solstice, as the sun spirals its longest dance, cleansing us, with nature showing its bounty & fertility & blessing us, to let all things live with loving intent and to fulfill their true destiny. A frozen moment in time to Bless the upcoming summer.

Psychedelic Trance Adventures are engineered experiences, by multiple sets of consciousness to create conditions that are favorable to the expansion of awareness. They are used to orchestrate individuals to awaken to a new concept, awareness, or to cross paths with a particular teacher or teaching event. These Event Strings are catalysts to connect individuals with new concepts and energetic transfers that re-grid an obsolete mental model. They are most commonly used to shift awareness within the initiated light workers who are the vanguard of human destiny.”

"Since the beginning of time mankind has used music and dance to commune with the Spirit of Nature and the Spirit of the Universe... We are trying to use Trance Music and the Trance Dance Experience to set off a chain reaction in Consciousness... Through the Trance Dance Experience hopefully people will become more sensitive and aware of themselves, their surroundings, the crossroads of humanity, and the needs of the planet... With this Awareness comes Understanding and Compassion.

Trance parties for us are about the connection of the conscious whole through the expression of dance & only the true intentions of the organizers & musicians allow this to take place. We believe that a Psychedelic Trance Journey should be a meaningful conscious experience that fills you with a connectedness with the cosmic whole. Psychedelic trance is a way of life & a way of living that teaches us the beauty of the world and our relationship to it. “Enlightened collectives will fulfill an important function in the arising of the new consciousness… [they] can be a vortex for consciousness that will accelerate the planetary shift.”

Olympia Land (Arethousa Camping) - Ancient Olympia - Peloponese - Greece

The Home of Alfios River Festival, is now also the home of Free Earth Festival!

A camping so different from all others! You can relax with your friends, hang out in your tent, always next to the amazingly wide Alfios River and 15 minutes away from Kaiafas Beach. While you here, you can enjoy some delicious food and extreme sports! Many facilities, excursions, and activities are available onsite!!! Things u cant find in the cities or in any other camping location in Greece!

A beautiful Private forested River Party Sanctuary giving us a magical party space, perfect for multiple days of psychedelic adventure. It exudes harmony, beauty & peace and has the magic of trees, hidden forest beings & the mysteries of the ancient Alfios River and Kaiafas Beach.

Camping area will be open from 19 - 24 of June. Nearby International Airport is Athens for those who need to fly to Greece and the Port is Patra for those who come from Italy by boat. Shuttle Buses will be available from the Athens & Thessaloniki airports straight to the festival.

Fro Athens (3h drive away) and From Port is Patra (1h away). More directions to follow, check website for google maps

7 Days of Camping by Alfios River and 15 minutes from Kaiafas Beach

Venue Pics:

Activities Pics:

* 4 Days Festival
* Unique Nature

+ Top international & Greek artists
+ Amazing decorations by Vortex Trance Adventures, BOTN & much more
+ State of the art sound system to blow you away
+ Spectacular lights and visuals
+ Secluded camping venue with magical forest, river and 15min from beach!
+ Walkway through forest & big open spaces by the river beach
+ Extreme Sports & Activities (Rafting, Hydrospeed, Swimming, Mountain Bike, Trekking, Climbing and more!)
+ Show dancers and festival entertainers
+ International Market area
+ Build Restaurant with Greek & International delicacies (space for 500 sitting people)
+ Shaded camping zones & Parking at your tent for campers
+ Accommodation available in area
+ Build Toilets & Showers, 24h maintainance
+ Friendly security for your safety
+ 24 hour first aid
+ Bus Festival Transport From Athens & Thessaloniki (Centre & Airports)
Sound Styles
Entry fee

Early Bird : 40 € until Feb 16
Period 1 : 50 € until March 17
Period 2 : 65 € until May 18
Period 3 : 80 € until June 17

Presale tickets Available now for 50 euro only!

International Online Sales HADRA

Greece Online Sales AMORPHIA & AKIDA
(Tmolou str 22 - 24, Byronas, Athens, Tel:+306980041483)

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