FREE EARTH FESTIVAL 2014 · 14 Aug 2014 · Ancient Olympia (Greece)



Over: 7y 10m
Line Up

:: TRISTAN (Nano rec.) - UK

:: KOXBOX (Koxbox Music) – DK

:: TRANSWAVE (Fineplay Records) – FR

:: ABSOLUM (3D Vision Recordings) – FR

:: DEEDRAH (Hommega Recs, United Beats Rec) – FR

:: KAYA PROJECT (Interchill Rec) Dj Set – UK

:: SHAKTA (Dragonfly Records) – UK

:: BRAINCELL (Boom! Records) – CH

:: EARTHLING (Zero 1 Music) – SP

:: ATRIOHM (Parvati Records) – FYROM

:: TRON (Zero 1 Music, Free Spirit Rec, GreenTree Rec) – MX

:: RASTALIENS (Pharpsyde Records) – CH

:: HIBERNATION (Interchill Rec) – UK

:: ITAL (Antu Records) – CL

:: FRANKE & ILLINTON (Zero 1 Music) – DK/SP

:: GIUSEPPE (Parvati Records) – IT

:: Z-CAT (MMD Records, Akida Bookings) – RU

:: KIM (Zero 1 Music) – UK

:: YAR ZAA (Phantasm Rec, Maharetta Rec) – SP

:: SOLAR SPECTRUM (Free Spirit Rec) – CH

:: BRAINIAC (Solar Tech Rec) – DE

:: 2012 (Antu Records) – BR

:: IN LAK ECH (Catalyst Rec) – MX

:: JOSH (Antu Records) – CL

:: HOLON (Catalyst Rec) – MX

:: DIKSHA (Catalyst Rec) – BR

:: DISORDER (Catalyst Rec) – MX

:: HAFFMAN (Catalyst Rec) – MX

:: NUKLEALL (Blacklite Records) – IT

:: STARLING (Hilltop Rec) – GOA/IN

:: TMX MIND (Tree of Life, September Ritual) – TR

:: DjP_MAC (Free Earth, ZNA GAthering) – PT

:: TIM DUSTER (Vertico Records, Akida Bookings) – FI

:: GALACTIC EXPLORERS (Phantasm Records) – FYROM

:: PURA (Zen.It Galaxy) – RS

:: KAYZA (Amorphia) – MOR

:: TEO (Discovalley Recs) – GR

:: DOC (Harmonia Records) – GR

:: NIKOS LL (Liquid Love) – GR

:: SPIROS WOM (Antu Rec, Amorphia, Free Earth) – GR


:: DR SAMMY (Blacklite Rec, Amorphia, Akida Bookings) – GR

:: JORDAN (Etnicanet Recordings) – GR

:: CRYSTAL ZERO (Void Network) – GR

:: CONFO (Parvati Records) – GR

:: EL MAHICO (Awim Records, Amorphia) – GR

:: ZOI (Sourcecode Rec, Free Frequency) – GR

:: SISHIVA (Visionary Shamanic Records) – GR

:: SONER (Digital Yonkis Rec, Artificial) – GR

:: BALLIOU (Harmonia Records) – GR

:: WINGMAN (Maharetta Records) – GR

:: SECTOR (Deeprog Rec) – GR

:: SOTOKKAN (Sonic Loom Rec, Discovalley Rec ) – GR

:: LOCO PONE (PyschedelicGR) – GR

:: ANTONIO (Dreamland, Earthdrop Fest) – GR

:: MAN IN FEST (Dreamland, Earthdrop Fest) – GR

:: SONIC BLASTER (Awim Records, Akida Bookings) – GR

:: ANKASS (Amorphia) – GR

:: GOBLIN (Amorphia) – GR

:: DREM (DPS Production, PLUR fest)

:: FREEDU (Landmark Rec) – GR

:: 7TH DIMENSION (Psytrance Activity) – GR

:: ODYSSEAS (Blast Your Mind) – GR

:: JUNIOR X (Akida Bookings) – GR

:: PACOS (P.S.M) – GR

:: ATHENA ETANA (Altar Records)- GR

:: ARGY ECHOSENSE (Dice Radio) – GR

:: AENEAS (Kaya Funk Tribe)- GR

:: WHEEL OF EXISTENCE (Akida Bookings) – GR

:: I.MIKE (Akida Promo & Bookings, Free Earth) – GR

More Artists to be Announced Soon!
More Artists to be Announced Soon!
More Artists to be Announced Soon!

Free Earth Festival proudly welcome to Greece,
The Visionary Artist from Canada: NEIL GIBSON !
Expect truly shamanic decorations at Main Stage!
Check some of his stuff here: Neil Gibson Creations

Along with:

The Wonder Deco Team from India: HYBRID UV

Surprise Deco Team: TBA

VJs & Mapping: TBA

An amazing sound experience will be possible
by Clear Sound, Bulgaria.
FREE EARTH FESTIVAL 14-18 August 2014

Free Earth is a collaboration of like-minded dedicated Psychedelic Freedom Fighters determined to bring back the vibe to the outdoor party scene. A new family gathering at an amazing camping river beach location in Greece!


* 5 Days Festival / 10 Days Camping
* Unique Nature

+ Top international & Greek artists
+ Amazing decorations & Instalations
+ State of the art sound system to blow you away
+ Spectacular lights and visuals by International Artists
+ Secluded camping venue with magical forest, river and 15min from different beaches!
+ Walkway through forest & big open spaces by the river beach
+ Extreme Sports & Activities (Rafting, Hydrospeed, Swimming, Mountain Bike, Trekking, Climbing and more!)
+ Show dancers and festival entertainers
+ International Market area
+ Build Restaurant with Greek & International delicacies (space for 300 sitting people)
+ Shaded camping zones & Parking at your tent for campers
+ Accommodation available in area
+ Build Toilets & Showers, 24h maintainance
+ Friendly security for your safety
+ 24 hour first aid
+ Bus Festival Transport From Athens (Meeting Point in Centre)




Olympia Land (Arethousa Camping) – Ancient Olympia – Peloponese – Greece

The Home of Alfios River Festival, is now also the home of Free Earth Festival!

A camping so different from all others! You can relax with your friends, hang out in your tent, always next to the amazingly wide Alfios River and 15 minutes away from Kaiafas Beach. While you here, you can enjoy some delicious food and extreme sports! Many facilities, excursions, and activities are available onsite!!! Things u cant find in the cities or in any other camping location in Greece!

A beautiful Private forested River Party Sanctuary giving us a magical party space, perfect for multiple days of psychedelic adventure. It exudes harmony, beauty & peace and has the magic of trees, hidden forest beings & the mysteries of the ancient Alfios River and Kaiafas Beach.

Nearby International Airport is Athens for those who need to fly to Greece and the Port is Patra for those who come from Italy by boat. Shuttle Buses will be available from the Athens center straight to the festival.

Fro Athens (3h drive away) and From Port is Patra (1h away). Easy directions to follow, check website for google maps

10 Days of Camping by Alfios River and 15 minutes from Kaiafas Beach & amazing beaches!

Venue Pics: Check facebook pictures folders

Activities Pics: Check facebook pictures folders
Forest · Psychedelic · Psytrance

This is a LIMITED TICKETS EVENT! We organize it safely and in order to keep the quality of the event high and the ticket prices as low as possible and always according to the production size!

There will be only 600 tickets available on Presale and 600 tickets available at the Gates! Last year we sold out all our 600 available presale tickets and had 1000 tickets sold total! Be Fast!

Get your presale tickets as soon as you can, to benefit from very low ticket prices and make sure you will attend the event!

Early Bird : 40 € (100 tickets, available Online Only)

Period 1 : 55 € (200 tickets, available Online & Shops)

Period 2 : 65 € (300 tickets, available Online & Shops)

Gate price: 85 € (Limited Tickets)

International Tickets Available online from:

Greece online tickets Available from:

Tickets in Athens:

“AMORPHIA SHOP”, Tmolou 22-24, Byronas
Tel: +30 6980 04 14 83 , Email:
FB: Spiros Wom, Web: []

More Greek & International Presales Spots Coming Soon!
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