Fire-Flow Festival

Fire-Flow Festival 16 Feb '20, 12:00
Party flyer: Fire-Flow Festival 16 Feb '20, 12:00
Line Up
Line Up
-Fire spinning all the time
-Hugging workshops
-Meditation workshops
-Yoga workshops
-Healing area
-Tandra Massage skill´s
-Chillout area
-Music goes with the flow (acoustic/D.J's/Jam's)
Some light preparing but the jungle is the best decoration together with plankton.
Book at - Last Point - more info´s - []
BenjiPan´s - Camp Neverland - more info´s - []
or Book at - Kaktus Resort - more info´s - []

Possible bookings:
- Private Bungalow
- Dormitory
- Camping (Tent or hammock)

-Diffrent prices at the Resorts

-on the website from Last Point, Kaktus Resort & FB-page of BenjiPan
Come to Sihanoukville (Cambodia) Otres Beach 2, and ask on Banana Beach Bungalows, thay guid you on the right boat to Last Point or Kaktus and to the Camp of Flow on Koh ta Kiev!!!
Camp Neverland: Created and organized by BenjiPan
Entry fee
Entry fee
400 Tickets get sold
Entry 60,-$

You Pay the Festival fee on your habitation (Guesthouse) and get a entryband
Benjamin, Jordan, Justin, Alexander, Chasper
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