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• Pavel Svimba liveact [Finland]• []
• Mullet Mohawk liveact [Finland] • soundcloud
• Distorted Goblin liveact [Macedonia] • soundcloud
• 3rd BIT Events • []
• Paul B [Netherlands]
• Nilezz [Netherlands]
• Kayrunchy [Netherlands]
• Shivanki [Netherlands]
• Jan Jansn [Germany] • []
• Romeeck liveact [Russia] • []
• Shaman Baraban liveact [Russia] • soundcloud
• El Fulminador [Germany] • soundcloud
• Psychophysical Transcripts liveact [Germany] • soundcloud
• Meehal & Mongoose [Germany]• [click here]
• Paavo [Germany] •


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Once upon a time. In a far away galaxy, a nebula, a decomposing swamp, modified particles and piles of pudding comes an unheard tale. In the morning just before sunrise, marshy creatures of all ages feed pineapple custard to foxfire whispers and invite you to the beautiful Czech Republic for this year's Carodejnice (witch burning day) party hosted by Hedonix Crew.

This party has a long tradition in the Czech Republic, on a weekend with great cultural significance when the winter is cast off and an effigy burnt marking the beginning of the party season.

• VJs Hedonix [Koza, Siggy and friends] VIDEO MAPPING SHOW •
• Space bar •
• CHILLOUT and SLEEPOUT zone, food, kitchen
• 20kW JBL Line array sound system •
• Fireshow
• Shops, Hedonix Caleidoscopic miracle, bar and fun •

• VSTUP 300,- CZK / ENTRY 300,- CZK
• VSTUP PŘEDPRODEJ 250,- CZK (platí do 1/4/2015 / PRESALE ENTRY 250,- CZK (valid until 1st of April)
(Předprodej na stejný účet jako ubytování, do předmětu prosím uvádějte jméno a počet osob)
(You can transfer the money for presale tickets on the same account as accomodation below. Please fill in the subject with your name)

UBYTOVÁNÍ Ubytování objednávejte e-mailové adrese:
Pronájem "finské spaciendy" je možný pouze na celý festival či víkend a lze pronajmout jedině celá chatka.
Cena je 400 Kč za lůžko na celý festival a 300 za lůžko na víkend, chatky jsou 4 a 5ti lůžkové- tz, že celková cena za chatku za celý festival je 1600Kč nebo 2000Kč.
Objednávky podávejte mailem, ale rezervace je platná až převodem částky na účet (78-8853700267/0100 (komerční baňka).
Případné dotazy pište také na uvedený e-mail nebo volejte 777934209
400 CZK per bed/whole festival, 300CZK per bed/weekend .Cottages 4/5 beds. Total sum is therefore 1.600 CZK/2.000 CZK for the whole cabin.
Renting is possible only for the whole festival and whole cabin/cottage or for a weekend only.
SEND your orders via mail but the reservation is valid after money transfer (78-8853700267/0100) KB
Questions&orders to e-mail: Qs [+420] 777 934 209
RK Drak - Meziricko u Merina close to D1 higway
Entry fee
Entry fee
300 CZK/ 12 EUR for whole festival
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