Festival Fora do Tempo

Festival Fora do Tempo 20 Jul '07, 01:00
Party flyer: Festival Fora do Tempo 20 Jul '07, 01:00
Line Up
Baphomet Engine (kabrathor Recsords) - BR
Cannibal Barbecue (Nabi records/Shaman films) - BR
Cosmo Tech (Vagalume Records) - BR
Crystall (Desert Records) - BR
Ecliptic (Maia Records) - ME
E-jekt (Phonokol Records) - IS
Etic (Trancelucent Productions) - IS
Galaktik Wave (Mahogany Records) - FR
Groove Connection (Sounds To Sunrise) - BR
Hamelin (Spintwist/Blue Tunes/S.O.E) - ME
HYT (Spectral Monn/Medusa Records) - BR
Intense (SunVibe) - BR
Ital (Enzyme Records) - CH
JP (Tip Wold) - BR
Mental Broadcast (Alchemy Records) - BR
Succubus (Shaman films) - BR
Vixen (Turbo Trance Records/WFC) - BR
Warning Zone (Desert Records) - BR
Yagé (Tupinambá Records) – ARG / GER
AHDI (Organizmo) - BR
Amanito (Dreamvibe) - CH
AseeL (Connection Dj's/E.W.A Agency) - BR
Azyz Vs Yuri (Cosmo Tech/Vagalume Records) - BR
Bongsi (Starlight Records) - PT
Cairy (Buttermusic) - BR
Cassiano Cruz (Mood/Psyzone) - BR
Clarys (Flipout/Medusa Records) - BR
Dani (E.W.A) - BR
Diff (Equilibriohm) - BR
Ekanta (Vagalume Records) - BR
Etay aka Etic (Trancelucent Productions) - IS
Gad (E-jekt/Phonokol Records) - IS
Hamelin (Spintwist/Blue Tunes/S.O.E) - ME
Henry T (Spectral Moon/Medusa Records) - BR
Husthon - BR
Ital (Enzyme Records) - CH
JP (Tip Wold) - BR
K.i.t.t.y (Utopia Records) - BR
Kali (Sounds Of Earth/Soul Vibes) - BR
Lê Purinus (Fusiohm/Fora do Tempo) - BR
Marcel (E-Sense) - BR
Matera (Tropical Beats/Flow Records) - BR
Max (Sun Vibe) - BR
Nazuk (Solar Flares) - BR
Oliver (Galaktik Wave/Mahogany Records) - FR
Pateta (Muziverso) - BR
Pedrão (Vagalume Records) - BR
Pilar (Connectiondjs) - BR
Piro (Desert Records) - BR
PsyRed (Goadélic) - BR
Raul Vs Juan (Ecliptic/Maia Records) - ME
Rex (Nano Records) - SA
Rodrigo Cpu (Peak records) - BR
Roger (Combustion/KeyFrame) - BR
Roma (Alchemy Records) - BR
Sarto (Flip out) - BR
Simone Sun Vs Sabrina Flow (DayLight/Psyconautas) - BR
Smurf (Groovearte) - BR
Thatha (Vagalume Records) - BR
Valgreen (Space Invaders) - BR
Vinnix (Dutch Flowers Records) - BR
Vivian (PsyBreja/Touch Sky) - BR
Xamã (Vagalume Records) - BR
Zumbi (Vagalume Records) - BR

Lunar Sound (Maia Records) México
MicroBek DF
Pedra Branca (Chill-Art/WFC) SP
UnaZen (unazen.net) ES/MA
Yagé (Tupinambá Records) Argentina/Alemanha

Alph MA
Auê (N.A.T.U.R.A.L) DF
AseeL (ConnectionDj's/E.W.A Agency) GO
Azyz (Cosmo Tech/Vagalume Records) DF
Boni (Inminimax) DF
Bruno Sankara PA
Caio Proença (Lsdance) PA
Crystall (Desert Records) DF
Diff (Equilibriohm) MA
Dub Noise (Psyzone/Psyrras Trance) SC
Euzebio (Le Purinus/Fusiohm) MA
Helder (e-Dj's/CS.Project) ES
Husthon TO
Lara (Boom Shankar/Sedna Djs) SC
Lê Purinus (Fusiohm/Fora do Tempo) MA
Leo (Fusiohm) MA
Loverdose (Equilibriohm/Psygo) MA
Marcel (E-sense) TO
Max Grillo (Freak) MG
Mental Control (Psytropic Records) GO
Murilo Ganesh (E-musicbrasil) SP
Nomira (Ethereal Agency) MG
Peyote (eFe-X System) GO
Pilar (connectiondjs) DF
Prze (Tierra Progresiva) PA
Radiola Rasta (Psygo) CE
Roger (Combustion/KeyFrame) SP
Sallun (Chill-Art/WFC) SP
Smurf (groovearte) SP
Sonicz (Wfc Records/Soul Vibes) ES
Tinick (Insanity) PA
Toari DF
WP (Le Purinus/Fora do Tempo) MA
Xamã (Vagalume Records) GO
Yuri (Cosmo Tech/Vagalume Records) DF
Wherever there is peace, there is culture, wherever there’s culture, there’s peace! – Nicholas Roerich- creator of the international Pact of Roderich.

It is our goal to contribute to a movement of transformation of the human conscience, planting seeds of love and peace in the hearts of each individual. We praise for the recognition of nature as a sacred entity and extension of ourselves. We believe in art as a form of approaching divine perfection and as a tool for pacific construction. We view dancing as a ritual of self-transcendence and connection to our eternal spiritual essence. We know that if we cultivate love and respect for all beings, we can end with war and give birth to a culture of peace on the planet. We invite you to come give your contribution!

We are preparing a vast and valuable cultural and artistic agenda for all those who are willing to play, learn and to live new and unique experiences. The activities will happen every day and are open to all those who may be interested. We call out for all artists, clowns, musicians, activists, shamans, magicians and warriors of light to contribute so that together we may activate the energy of creativity and peace during the event. The space is free for the spontaneous expression of talents and exchange of knowledge.

The “Fora do Tempo Village”

This year the “Fora do Tempo Organization” is counting with a new and talented team of constructors and decorators. The “Fora do Tempo Village” is being very carefully built, taking into consideration the comfort of the participants as well as the minimization of the impacts on nature. Following is a list things you will find in the festival:

Dance Floor
Chill Out
Cure Tents
Cultural Tent
Food Court
Common kitchen
Sauna (Temaskal)
River with cristaline water
Camping área
Personal tents for rent
Movie Theater
Parking lot with secuty guards
Medical Center
Life guards
Security guards
Boat transport to the island

Cure Tent

The Cure Tent is a space dedicated to receiving people who are in need of psychological or energetic assistance, or who are just seeking to relax and purify their bodies and minds. It`s where activities such as massages, Reiki, Shiatsu, sound therapy and crystal therapy will take place.

Also with the purpose of cure and purification is the sauna, where the Temaskal rituals will take place. Originated from the Meso-American Indans, the Temaskal rituals bring about inumerous processes at the physical, mental and spiritual levels. It is a moment to face one`s fears, to release kept emotions, to connect to one`s essence and to experiment a state of deep meditation. The purpose is to allow the participants to perceive in heat the direct contact with nature`s profound powers.

Festival Schedule

6 days of Camping, Art, Culture and Spirituality

20/07/2007 - 12 Cauac 7 Xul
08:00 a.m. – Opening of the Camp
12:00 (noon) – Chill Out begins
4:00 p.m. – Dance Floor begins

25/07/2007 - 4 Kan 12 Xul – Day Out of Time
12:00 p.m. Dance Floor closes

26/07/2007 - 5 Chicchan 13 Xul
06:00 a.m. – Chill Out closes- Festival ends.
Carolina / Chapada das Mesas / Maranhao
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