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..::: FESTIVAL FORA DO TEMPO 2008 :::.. 23 Jul '08, 08:00
Party flyer: ..::: FESTIVAL FORA DO TEMPO 2008 :::.. 23 Jul '08, 08:00
Line Up
Arkanoydz (Etnicanet Records) – IT – KOR
Audiomatic (SpinTwist / Sinn-Tec Records) – GER
Beatnik (Liquid Records) – UK
Cosmo Tech (Vagalume Records) - BR
Crystall (Skykey Records) - BR
Dark River (Amazon Tribe) – BR
Daydin (SpinTwist Records) – GER
Demonizz (Dead Tree Productions) – BR
Etic (Trancelucent Productions / Boa Group) – ISL
Fromem Ory (Liquid Records) – UK
Hamelin (Blue Tunes / Flow Mexico / SpinTwist Records) – MEX
Heterogenesis (Dark Prisma Records) – ARG
Hinnergy (Eletromotrixx) - BR
Hydrophonic (Nano Records) – SA
Inference (AP Records / Amaka Music) - MEX
Ital (Antu Records / Free-Spirit) - CHI
Journey (Free-Spirit Records) – UK
Kronic (Mandala Records) – BR
M-Theory (Alchemy Records) – UK
Mental Broadcast (Alchemy Records) – BR
Necropsycho (Dead Tree Prod. / Shaman Films Records) – BR
Odiseo (Iboga Mexico / Blue Tunes Records) - MEX
Pragmatix (Dark Prisma Records) – ARG
Silent Enemy (I.C.C. / Black Magik) – BR
Sonic Species (Unsigned) – UK
Stereo Plug (Electronic Dope Records)
Sychotria (Bhooteshwara Records) – BR
The Commercial Hippies (Nano Records) – SA
Tron (Liquid Records) – MEX
Twenty Eight (Vagalume Records) – BR
Vaishiyas (SpinTwist Records) – GER
Xpiral (Vagalume Records) – BR
Yagé (Atkum Records) - ARG - BR
Amanito (Etnicanet Records) – CHI
Aseel (ConnectionDjs / Spectrohm Arts) – BR
Ashyra (Spectrohm Arts) – BR
Audiomatic (SpinTwist / Sinn-Tec Records) – GER
Cassiano Cruz (Vagalume Records) – BR
CH5 (Temptation / IONO Music) – BR
Day.din (SpinTwist Records) – GER
Dende (Catalyst Records) – MEX
Diff (Equilibriohm) - BR
Dre (Water Republic / Manga Rosa) – BR
Ekanta (Vagalume Records) – BR
Flow (Ganesha Space Garden / Aztlan Equinoccio Festival) – ES
Sutemi (Temple Twisters / Dead Tree Productions) – BR
Hamelin (Blue Tunes / Flow Mexico / SpinTwist) – MEX
Hisrav (Catalyst / Free-Spirit Records) – MEX
Janczur & Paula (AuraQuake / F.O.P / 4AM) – BR
Jay OM (Free-Spirit Records) – UK
Jowe (Moonflower / La Nave Prod.) – ARG
Kratos (F.O.P. / Flipout) – BR
Malana (SpinTwist Records) – BR
Marchello (Neurobiotic Records) – IT
Marta DLM (Alchemy Records) - ES
Max Grillo (Label Club / Tantra) – BR
Sarto (Antu Records / Flipout) - BR
Milo (SpinTwist / Flow Mexico) – MEX
Morus (Dead Tree Productions / H.S.S.) – BR
Shove (Alchemy Records) – MEX
Nazca (Soononmoon) – BR
Nomira (Ethereal / Goa Project) – BR
Panchodelic (Cosmic Experience) – CHI
Pateta (Roots Festival) - BR
Pedrão (Vagalume Records) – BR
Piro (Free-Spirit Records) – BR
Rex (Nano Records) – SA
Roma (Alchemy Records) – BR
Thomas (Technolive / R.Alternativa) - BR
Txu (Space Invaders) - BR
V. Falabella (SpinTwist Records) – BR
Valgreen (Space Invaders) – BR
Vinnix (Free-Spirit / SpinTwist Records) – BR
X-Level (N.A.V.) - BR
Xama (Vagalume Records) – BR
XCaMaS (Soononmoon) – BR
Xorex (Space Invaders) - BR
Young Kim (Etnicanet / Ultragroove Records) - KOR

*Line up subject to changes, and more artists to be confirmed!
Live Act / Bandas:
Amazonic Plastic Garden – (BR)
Baque in Beat Banda – (BR)
BJ (Banda)
Karajazz – (BR)
Madre Perola Banda – (BR)
Nordlight – (Alemanha)
I God Men – (BR)
Phantasma – (BR)
Sete Estrelo – (BR)
Shangai Project – (BR)
Som de Bob Banda – (BR)

Ahimsa – (BR)
Alph – (BR)
Alquimix – (BR)
Aue – (BR)
Berni – (Chile)
Beto Salvinorum – (BR)
Bokaum – (BR)
Bruno – (BR)
Carlos Toari – (BR)
Cheytania – (BR)
Chico – Jazzyfrenia – (BR)
Chill-Awki vs Arthur – (BR)
Cooper – (BR)
Dre – (BR)
Ekanta – (BR)
Friq Trip – (BR)
Gabiru – (BR)
Gafah – (BR)
Ganjaum – (BR)
Gen – (BR)
Giuliano – (BR)
Javi Flúor – (Argentina)
Jonny Polignano – (BR)
Jowe – (Argentina)
Julio Dutra – (BR)
Magu – (BR)
Neto – (BR)
Niia – (Chile)
Pablo – (BR)
Pedro Gouveia – (BR)
Rasta Brothers Duo Dub – (BR)
Rex – (África do Sul)
Rodriguinho – (BR)
Sayram – (BR)
Smurf – (BR)
Thiago Du Ar – (BR)
Tkali – (Chile)
Vanguard – (BR)
Xcamas – (BR)
Josh (Chile)
Dende (Mexico)
Gabiru (Brasil)
Fela Funk (Mexico)
Caio de Marco (Brasil)
Crystall (Brasil)
Illusionist (Chile)
XCaMaS (Brasil)

Decor and Structures by Out of Time Team!
FESTIVAL FORA DO TEMPO 2008 – July 23rd to 28th
Chapada das Mesas – Maranhão – Brasil

Festival For a do Tempo is revolutionizing the trance scene in Brazil by bringing back its original essence of freedom, conscience and spiritual evolution through dance and meditation! The place was very carefully chosen on an uninhabited river island in the center of a marvelous “Chapade” in the Northeast of Brazil (in the state of Maranhão). Splendid natural sanctuaries are abundant, contributing to the energetic elevation and purification of the festival!

The name “Festival Fora do Tempo” means the “Festival Out of Time”, making reference to the “Day Out of Time” of the Mayan Calendar. Among other things, our festival celebrates the changing of years on July 25th, synchronized with thousands of other people around the world. Much more than just an ordinary festival, the event is a true part of the global movement towards conscious evolution for the new times that will arrive!


July 23 – Wednesday
08:00 Welcome to all!
12:00 Opening ritual and Chill Out
14:00 Opening ritual of the Village of the Cure and Cultural Tent (Ascension of the Sacred Fire)

July 24 – Thursday
12:00 Opening ritual of the Dance Floor

July 25 – Friday: Day Out of Time
23:40 Celebration of the Maia New Year

July 28- Sunday
08:00 Closure of the Dance Floor

July 28- Monday
16:00 Closing ritual of the Chill Out
18:00 Closing ritual of the Festival on the Cultural Tent


One factor that distinguishes the Festival Fora do Tempo from other electronic music festivals in Brazil is the richness of its cultural agenda. Above all, the event is a place to play, interact and learn. Check out some of the activities planned for our Cultural Tent:

Deeksha Meditation
Active Meditation (OSHO)
Massage Circles
Reiki Circles
Mayan Calendar
Movies (with presentations of independent short films)
Xaman Rituals
Loose Rope
Theatrical Presentations
Brazilian Regional Folklore
Clown presentations
Art Workshops
Diverse lectures

All those coming from other countries to the festival will be able to buy their tickets at the door of the event for the price of R$220,00 (U$120,00), upon the presentation of their passports.

Check our website for sale points in Brazil!


There are daily flights from various points of Brazil to the city of Imperatriz, in Maranhao, and to Araguaina, in Tocantins. Imperatriz is located 200 kilometers from Carolina (where the festival is held), and the airline companies that fly there are GOL and TAM. Araguaina, on the other hand, is located 100 kilometers from Carolina and the airline that has flights available is Ocean Air. There is only one flight per day for these places in each of the airline companies. There are still no direct flights to Carolina.

The van transportation between Imperatriz and Araguaina to Carolina will be done by the travel agency Cerrado Trip, which also organizes complete packages from any part of the country to the festival. To make reservations or obtain information, please contact the company by phone at (61) 3445-1515 or email cerradotrip@cerradotrip.com.br

Carolina is a very small town, so after you are there it will be easy to find the way to the festival. If you need information about accommodation in the city, please send us a message and we will forward you the contacts of hotels and inns in town: contato@festivalforadotempo.art.br


*Good Music Good Spirits*
Carolina / Chapada das Mesas / Maranhao
Entry fee
Entry fee

- 1st Lot: R$160,00 (approximately U$90,00) - From March 20 to April 30 (or 500 tickets sold).
- 2nd Lot: R$200,00 (approximately U$110,00)- From May 1 to June 10 (or 500 tickets sold).
- 3rd Lot: R$240,00 (approximately U$130,00) – From June 11 to July 20 (or 500 tickets sold).
- 4th Lot: R$280,00 (approximately U$155,00) - July 20 and at the entrance.

To buy tickets using credit card, please get in touch with our the travel agency “Cerrado Trip” at the following contacts: (+55 61) 3445-1515 or cerradotrip@cerradotrip.com.br You may also buy flight or bus excursions to the festival with Cerrado Trip on the same contacts.
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