Enter the game 12 Oct '19, 12:00
Party flyer: Enter the game 12 Oct '19, 12:00
Line Up
Aeromancer (Invid Mind + Samyaza)
Aiwon (Egregor Music)
Arsgoetia (Digital Native Records)
Automata Theory (Alkhimia Records)
Coiron (Digital Native Records)
Dark Solo (Digital Native Records)
Frantic Noise (Dark Prisma)
Glosolalia (Dark Prisma)
Invid Mind (Alkhimia Records)
Kunan Tripper (Egregor Music)
Marauders (Glosolalia + Frantik Noise) (Dark Prisma)
Ñutram Kalku (Egregor Music)
Quantum Mechanica (Glosolalia + Will’o’Wisp) (Dark Prisma)
Sad Moritas (High BPM Chiptune)
Samyaza (Anomalistic Records)
Transdimensional Entities (Digital Native Records)
Tyamat (Ovni Records)
Will o’ Wisp (Dark Prisma)
Zendumm (Irori Music)
Zenith (Ñutram Kalku + Kunan Tripper) (Egregor Music)
Angie trip Colours + Alito ARQ
ETG Crew
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Sound Styles


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