Dragon's Quest Festival

Dragon's Quest Festival 26 Jul '18, 18:00
Party flyer: Dragon's Quest Festival 26 Jul '18, 18:00
Line Up
AntHill (Forestdelic Rec, MK/SLO)
Aumni (Forestdelic Rec, MK) soundcloud
Kala (Forestdelic Rec, SLO) soundcloud
Lunar Dawn (neogoa Rec, HR) soundcloud
Neurosystem (KaosLab, HR) soundcloud
Yudhisthira (Forestdelic Rec, MK) soundcloud

3TT (Regeneration, HR) soundcloud
Allan (KaosLab, HR) soundcloud
Da Li (Psy wizards/FullNature, HR) soundcloud
DamZah (Forestdelic Rec, BiH) soundcloud
Darko (Z-Plane Rec, HR) soundcloud
Etsaman (HR) mixcloud
Indra (HR) soundcloud
JahPants (Dancing Warriors,HR) soundcloud
Kiwi In Space (Muzika Miliona, HR) soundcloud
Kudjo (KaosLab, HR) soundcloud
Marich (ChilliBar, HR)
Pila (Forestdelic rec, HR) soundcloud
Somnus (PsyArmy, GER) soundcloud
Stevo (Suntrip Rec/Timewarp Rec/Neogoa Rec, HR) soundcloud
Tranceported Man (Regeneration, HR) soundcloud
Winpa (Insectik Rec, HR) soundcloud
Dear party people, free spirits, artists and creative minds.
We are presenting you the Dragon’s Quest festival, where from the 26th of July until the 30th of July creativity, art, special skills and positive vibes come to show.

We are preparing some nice surprises that will make your festival experience an unforgettable one.
The location where the festival will take place is 5km away from Gracac, it’s located at a beautiful place between lakes, meadows, forests, hills and a majestic view of the Velebit mountains.
Gracac is simply the perfect place to visit for all people, from all corners of the world.

Here are some of the things to look forward to:

- Psytrance stage
- Chillout stag
- Acrobats
- Organized mountain hiking
- Bicycle rides
- Childrens area
- Camping area
- Ecotoilets and showers
- Lost and Found area
- Safes for important stuff
- 5 days - 5 nights
- Afterparty


- Yoga
- Drumming
- Acrobat
- Drawing
- Ecology workshops
- Natural cosmetics
>More TBA<

[alternative stage]

[recreational activities]
-Bicycle Trips
-Organized mountain hiking trips
-Bow hunting


Dino M Strings


There are busses going from all the bus stations of major cities to Gracac, from there, there will be shuttle busses


If you are all about giving value and want to participate as a volunteer, or even share your art, please feel free to contact us: udrugavilindol@gmail.com
Bus grom Gračac to Tomingaj
Entry fee
Entry fee
50euros / 350kn
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