Dimension 2 Feb '18, 12:00
Party flyer: Dimension 2 Feb '18, 12:00
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The Sound, Music and Visual Art Experience Guaranteed to ‘Raise Your Consciousness’

We will take you on a journey like no other, featuring 4 days of music, 3 stages, food stalls, markets, tonnes of shade, and a crystal clear fresh river for swimming - all set in the most magical location in New Zealand. Epic.

Only 3 hours from Auckland! Here's a sneak peak of what you are in for…

The Phat Productions trance zone blasts continuously from Friday afternoon until Monday Morning, playing a fine selection of New Zealand best banging psytrance, interspersed with groovy afternoon breaks of progressive, psybreakz and chill. Decorated by MindFunk and featuring Full HD Psy visuals, Soul Storm Lasers and the slamming Opus soundsystem, the Trance Zone will take you up up and away to another Dimension - Phat Productions style!

▸ Featuring:
K.I.M (Live / Zero One Music / UK)
Virtual Light (Live / Zero One Music / CAN)
Rastaliens (Live / Boom Records / SWI)
Filterheads (Live / Wild Things Records / UK)
Braincell (Live / Boom Records / SWI)
Architekt (Live / Phat Productions / NZ)
Pollyfonika ( DJ / Catalyst Records / MEX)
The Rave Commission (Live / Zero One Music / UK)
Megapixel (DJ / Grasshopper Records / JPN)
Sirius Music (Live / Altar Records / NZ)
Terra Nine (Live / Iboga Records / NZ)
Renegade DJ (DJ / Zero One Music / SA)
0dB (Furthur Progressions Records / SA)

Adamint (DJ / Phat Productions / NZ)
Akasha (DJ / Phat Productions / NZ)
Big Dave (DJ / Phat Productions / NZ)
Biggins (DJ / Phat Productions / NZ)
Ferksta (DJ / Aum Productions / NZ)
Froggman (DJ / Aum Productions / NZ)
Miss Molly (DJ / Phat Productions / NZ)
MTM (DJ / Trancevaders / NZ)
Mutana Kataro (DJ / Ovnimoon Records / MX)
Philharmonix (DJ / Wanderland / NZ)
Pie (DJ / Phat Productions / NZ)
Psybaba (DJ / Persia)
Rob Menezes (DJ / Pause II / IND)
Ryab (DJ / NZ)
Skylab (DJ / Phat Productions / NZ)
Sonic Climax (DJ / GER)
Treewalker (DJ / Looney Tunes / NZ)

▸ Deco by Mindfunk
▸ Lasers by Soulstorm
▸ Sound by Opus
▸ Visuals by ICU & Benski (Team Optrix)

Brought to you by Looney Tunes, its an alternative space to hear something different. Looney Tunes zone goes off with funky beats of Drum & Bass, tech house, minimal techno, house, prog and everything else - Perfect to go to for a stomp to other styles of music!

▸ Featuring:
Chameleon (Tech House)
Dreadnought (DnB)
Katzbii (DnB)
Ooby (Dub Techno)
Dale Richie (Tranceformer)

Bing (Everything)
Heritic (Techno)
Joobz (MC)
Just Juce (Breaks/Trance)
Lol (Hardhouse)
Moss (Alternative)
Pinball Wizard (Grimy DnB)
Ronny Biggs (Breaks)
Grimm (DnB)
Ryno (Techno/House)
Sabin (Deep House/Techno)
Spaceman Dan (DnB)
Tarantism (Liquid DnB)
Tom Who (Techno)
Treewalker (Prog / Techno)
Scott E Rok (Trance)

▸ Sound by OneTown
▸ Lighting by Sweet Lights for You

Welcome one and all to the Zone where we promise to deliver musical diversity OutPsyde the Psytrance Genre. Our aim is to provide a space where you can meet up with your mates, grab a coffee, listen to some chilled out tunes (or maybe something a little more pumping) and get yourself sorted before you pile into the Psytrance Main Zone and lose the plot all over again (yay!!) or, alternatively, grab a breather from the all enveloping OPUS

Chill Music with special Saturday night featuring:
AWAL (Dub Reggae / UK)
Fireboy (Electro / NZ)
Phillharmonix (Funk Trance / NZ)
Shady Lady (Deep House / Ireland)
TripfOre (Psy Breaks / Psy Dub / NZ)
Zebra (Downbeat/Dub Trance / NZ)
Protocol (Prog / NZ)
Peaky Blinder (Lounge / UK)

▸ Bought to you by Wanderland (AKA Phillharmonix)


▸ BYO (strictly no Glass)
▸ Food Market - Delight the tastebuds – The Burgers were the bomb last year.
‣ Coffee Van – keeps ya beans charging
▸ Psychedelic Creations - Get something to express yourself
▸ Magical Fresh Water River - The ultimate free flowing river to cool you down and freshen up.
▸ Dancefloor Sprinklers
▸ The Ultimate Shaded Camping – Tall, shaded forrest to create your own oasis & get away from the Northland sun
▸ Free Drinking Water – stay hydrated of course!
▸ Shuttle to and from the event from Whangarei
Plus rideshares can be posted here:
And above all the most lush site in New Zealand!


Group Discount: Buy 5 tickets - get 1 FREE

Pre-Realease: SOLD OUT
Release 1 Tickets: SOLD OUT
Release 2 Tickets: Available
Saturday Tickets: Available
Sunday Tickets: Available


Check out these links for more info on Dimension:

FACEBOOK PAGE: [facebook.com]
INSTAGRAM: [instagram.com]
WEBSITE: [phatproductions.net]
EMAIL: info@phatproductions.net
Mind Funk, ICU and Soul Storm Lasers
1207 Waimatenui East Rd, Waipoua 0474, New Zealand
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